Friday, February 05, 2010

Our Christmas :)

I feel like we had a really good Christmas this year. Jake still hasn't decided for sure what he wants.. we waited until tax refund time so that he could get himself something nice :) He mentioned something about clothes the other day but I really don't think that should be a Christmas gift.. he should get something he wants right? Not something he needs :) The biggest gift for our family was a new Pet, She was supposed to be for Ashley, but we have all taken up with her quiet a bit. Definitely not a gift purchase we regret. Her name is Lucy, Lucy the Guinea Pig :)

We did our traditional Christmas Eve Mexican dinner with My Mom and Sister and Ashley was with us this year for Christmas so we did Christmas morning at home :)

Here are some pictures from our Christmas. I was very very spoiled for spoiled in fact that it well get it's very own post *grin*

The Lord's Prayer

Hello, This is yet again another entry that should have been posted months ago :-P This is from November!

The week before Thanksgiving Ashley's school put on the Lord's prayer for the parents. They signed to the music, It was amazing to watch and all the kids looked so cute dressed as pilgrims and Indian's. After the performance they had a "feast".