Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrible Blogger

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe it's been a month since I've posted here! I did at least add a few recipes to my recipe blog in the last month. I knew it had been awhile since I posted here but I didn't realize how long :( As soon as I upload pictures from our camera I re-size the ones I'm going to blog and save them in a special folder, There are quiet a few pictures in there. So I guess this blog will be about all the random things that have gone on in the last month! I'll do some knitting in a separate posts since I've finished a few things lately I want to Share!

First up we Have two pictures from our friends Greg & Andrea's wedding. Jake doesn't get into a white collared shirt and black tie very often so I took advantage of it and snapped a shot of him and then one of him and Abbey together. Ashley wasn't with us for this event as she was at her Dad's for that weekend. Jake looks so handsome and Abbey is of course as adorable as always!

Two of the ladies I knit with Garden and are friendly with other Gardeners and so lot's of goodies have been coming home with me and I've been finding lots of goodies on my porch now and then :) The girls and I are loving the squash!

These shots are cute, Abbey's first time on a Trampoline, Taken at a friends house
at a birthday party we were invted to. She LOVED it :)

I've been trying to do some fun things with the girls this summer before we started having 108 degree days I took the girls to Broadlawn park and let them play on the Splashpad. Ardmore has now got one of these at each one of our parks, They are free to the public and I think that's great!

We also got together with Mom and Kristi one day and visited Sunset beach. Abbey loves playing in the sand especially when Nanna get's dirty with her, The funny thing about Abbey is, She always asks for a bath afterwards.. LOL!!!

Jake had a birthday :) he turned um... 32? haha! He requested a coconut cake :)

Jake, Abbey and I took a trip to Frisco, Texas. The hope was to get Jake some glasses but because of his prescription they were not able to fill it in one day. But inside the Frisco mall there is a carousel, Daddy and Abbey got to take a ride!

This past weekend. I went to a Scrapbook retreat with some of my favorite ladies. I had a wonderful time and it was great to have a few days all to myself :)

We may be having some very exciting changes in the next month, It's looking like something very good may be coming our way in the career department for Jake. I've prayed about it a lot. We're hoping the changes can help us to plan a better future for our family. Please pray for us that this is best decision for our family.

Well I guess that pretty much covers it for now, except for the knitting things I'll post soon! Have a great week!!