Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Day . . .

It's cold here today. Well, cold for Oklahoma, They cancelled all the area schools for today. The roads are mostly water for now but they are expecting it to freeze today. We'll see. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable, Freezing today 80 degrees tomorrow. so Both girls are home today and here is what they are up to as of now . .

Jake has a Job interview at DOT foods today at 1pm. It looks promising. He will take an almost $5 an hour paycut. But in Ardmore there aren't a lot of other choices. If he get's hired there is also a very real chance that he will be working the night shift. Which will be quiet an adjustment for all of us. I can't emagine keeping the girls quiet enough in this small house for him to sleep. But we will work it out and be very Thankful for the job if he is offered a position.

We put Abbey's toddler bed up sunday, She has done really well adjusting, she only got out of the bed one time the first night, Jake told her No no and placed her back in bed and we never heard or saw anything else. Her 2nd Birthday is Thursday. We're having her party on Saturday :)

I got two Knitting related desk Calenders this year. Last year I had the Stitch N Bitch one which I loved, These are great too, I got them half off at Barns and Noble several weeks ago.

I finally finished my Monkey Socks, ignor my fankles.. LOL!!! I love this pattern but it took me forever to get these finished because I can't have too much distraction when working on them. I knit them out of Panda Cotton yarn. It feels so good on my feet :)

I finished one sock for Mom and am now half way thru her second one. Just using the Yarn Harlots basic sock recipe. I love doing it this way because I don't need a pattern to knit these
up. I can't wait for Mom to wear them and let me know if she likes them or not :)

I've started a hat for Ashley, The pattern is called Gretel, I'll have to wait to get some different circular needles to work on this, these plastic lion brand needles are killing my hands :(

I stayed up on yahoo messenger last night and played Domines with Mom so I started a simple dishcloth to work on while we were playing. I love this variegated color, It's peaches n cream Fiesta. I've worn out most of my dishcloths so I needed to get me some more knitted up :) Oh if you read my blog and have yahoo messenger please add me, I enjoy chatting but hardly have anyone on my list... MissMandiGirl :)

Abbey is very much into playing with the Barbies right now :)

Okay I guess that's about it for now. I'm wanting to get some Animal Crossing time in this morning before Jake get's home and takes it over.. ROFL!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Mr. President.

Welcome President Barack Obama! You bring with you the hope of change, the hope of a new and a better future for us and our children. I look forward to watching the change and watching our country grow into a better place.
God Bless You & Your Family.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Circuit City to Close

I thought I posted this here on Friday, and for some odd reason it's not showing up for me here but shows up in Multiply... I'll post again... hopefully it's not a repeat...

Edited to say: I know what I did now, I posted it to my recipe blog by accident. LOL!!!!

Circuit City to Close After Failing to Find a Buyer

Circuit City, once a bellwether American retailer, is going out of business for good, stripping the nation of its second-largest consumer electronics chain.
The company, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November, said Friday that it would liquidate its stores and other assets.
Just last week, Circuit City — which has some 30,000 employees and 567 stores — was in talks with two potential buyers, but it was unable to reach a timely agreement with its creditors and lenders.
“We are extremely disappointed by this outcome,” said James A. Marcum, vice chairman and acting president and chief executive of Circuit City Stores Inc. He called the liquidation “the only possible path for our company.”
The demise of Circuit City, while not surprising given its declining sales, is part of a radical shift taking place in American retailing. Weak chains — unable to weather the freeze-up in consumer spending, and choked by tight credit markets — are shuttering their doors.
Last year, a raft of retailers including Boscov’s, Sharper Image, Mervyns, Linens ’n Things, Whitehall Jewelers and Steve & Barry’s filed for bankruptcy protection. This week alone, Goody’s Family Clothing and Gottschalks Inc. also filed. Many more retailers are expected to follow suit as they run out of working capital or are unable to finance their debt. But emerging from bankruptcy is harder than ever because of changes in the bankruptcy code and vise-like credit markets.
Indeed, Wall Street analysts said in November that the prospects of long-term survival for the Circuit City were bleak. Months of declining sales during the recession sent the company over the edge, although its problems go back a decade, from buying cheap real estate leases in inferior locations to laying off its most experienced sales staff. The latter saved money but cost the company employee morale and countless customers.
When the retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November, its shares had lost more than 90 percent of their value since the beginning of 2008.
The company is still awaiting final approval of the liquidation from federal bankruptcy court


I joined GoodReads this morning! I got an invite from my sweet friend Sabrina :) Ty Brie! I don't read a lot of books, mostly because it's hard for me to find books that hold my interest :) So your interested or already a member please add me as a friend :)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Going :)

I'm here because I finally have a few things to share. Hee! It's been mostly boring around here. Not too much going on. Jake's job is still going. But Circuit City goes up for Sale today. So we'll know more soon. Things are looking good for the company so if someone doesn't buy out they may shut completely down. If you pray, please pray, Jake's job is our main source of income and right now is NOT a good time to be looking for a job.

I've moved my craft table all over the house. well in the corners I could find to jam in it in this 900 square foot house. LOL!! The last place I moved it was in the corner of our bedroom and I really do like it in there. The corner was getting pretty piled up and being the OCD person I am I couldn't stand the clutter anymore. I bought this wall shelf at Lowe's for like $15 and asked sweet hubby to put up. Now I might actually get in there and scrapbook and make cards! LOL!!! Here are some pictures of my cozy corner :)

It's 18 degrees in Ardmore, Ok this morning. That's pretty cold for Oklahoma, but would be warm for some areas of the world right now. My heart goes out to those with the flooding and all the snow. We almost never get snow. Tornado's but no snow.
I don't guess there is much more to post right now. I kind of wish there were but at the ame time I'm glad theirs not LOL!!
Until next time . . .

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009!

Things have been pretty calm and relaxing since the holidays have now come and gone. it's been very enjoyable actually :) I like same old same old day in and out stuff :)

We didn't do anything special really for New Years Eve. Jake and I watched Star Trek Nemisis. We've now completed watching all of the Star Trek movies :( I feel sad about that, I've gotten attached to the stories and characters. But we have the new movie coming out to look forward to. Plus I think we're now going to start watching The Next Generation series as well.
I've been getting a little more knitting time in with all the movie watching. I'm glad to be getting close to completing some projects I've had going for awhile. Like these socks, the pattern is called Monkey, it's a very popular sock pattern amongst sock knitters :) These will be mine.

I've been working on a scarf for Mom as well.

and here is a shot of the yummy sock yarn I bought for my next pair of socks. I bought it at L&B yarns in Norman, OK I can't remember what the name of the yarn was though :( Also Ashley picked out some Patons Stretch sock yarn at Hobby lobby tonight, She'd like me to make her some socks now :) That makes me happy :)

I guess that is about all for now, I've been doing a lot of fishing in Second Life. I attended a Stitch N Bitch Knit in at Yarnation in SL as well the other day, We had a good turn out of people. It was nice chatting and getting to know everyone. Anyway here is a shot of me fishing in SL and a shot of our knit in as well :) The hat I'm wearing BTW is a hat that you catch parts of and once you get all the pieces you put them together and get the hat :) Unusual for sure.