Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009!

Things have been pretty calm and relaxing since the holidays have now come and gone. it's been very enjoyable actually :) I like same old same old day in and out stuff :)

We didn't do anything special really for New Years Eve. Jake and I watched Star Trek Nemisis. We've now completed watching all of the Star Trek movies :( I feel sad about that, I've gotten attached to the stories and characters. But we have the new movie coming out to look forward to. Plus I think we're now going to start watching The Next Generation series as well.
I've been getting a little more knitting time in with all the movie watching. I'm glad to be getting close to completing some projects I've had going for awhile. Like these socks, the pattern is called Monkey, it's a very popular sock pattern amongst sock knitters :) These will be mine.

I've been working on a scarf for Mom as well.

and here is a shot of the yummy sock yarn I bought for my next pair of socks. I bought it at L&B yarns in Norman, OK I can't remember what the name of the yarn was though :( Also Ashley picked out some Patons Stretch sock yarn at Hobby lobby tonight, She'd like me to make her some socks now :) That makes me happy :)

I guess that is about all for now, I've been doing a lot of fishing in Second Life. I attended a Stitch N Bitch Knit in at Yarnation in SL as well the other day, We had a good turn out of people. It was nice chatting and getting to know everyone. Anyway here is a shot of me fishing in SL and a shot of our knit in as well :) The hat I'm wearing BTW is a hat that you catch parts of and once you get all the pieces you put them together and get the hat :) Unusual for sure.


Jackie said...

Your Monkies are gorgeous! I haven't tried that one yet but must get to it soon.

Jill L said...

I Love the Monkeys -- I still need to knit me a pair!

Brie said...

Haven't seen you around in a bit so came to see how you're doing! Love the knitting:)