Sunday, July 29, 2012


I finished my first Ravellenics Monster! Charlie the ceiling monster!

Now back to monster knitting!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics & Ravellenics

Today marks the opening of the Ravellenics. While knitters from all around compete as teams to achieve a goal while knitting along with the Olympics. I don't watch the Olympics myself but I do participate on the Ravellenics this year I'm with team Knitabulls and we're knitting Monsters!!!! Yaay!! So here is the start of my first monster!!

Go team Knitabulls !!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Have a wonderful Monday, I skipped the Gym and Starting my Week off With Coffee & Knitting.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Valentines for Veterans

Me & my Girls are Members of Camp Fire USA. Each year all of our groups make Valentines that will be hand delivered by all of us to the Veterans living at the Veterans Center of Ardmore. In our meetings while we make the Valentines we learn what a Veteran is and what they have done for our country and our Freedom.

I am the leader of my Little Abbey's Little Stars Group.
(Aren't the adorable) I have around 11 members total.
(Abbey is second from the right)

I'm also the Co-Leader of My Oldest Daughters Adventurer Group. All very sweet girls (Ashley is in the middle)

 The Veterans Center is big and houses a lot of our heroes. We normally split into two large groups and walk along together and line the kids up to take turns handing our Vets their hand made Valentines.

Most of the kids are very eager to do the handouts . . .

Some are a little timid at first but after we pass along a few they are okay.

 A couple will always be too scared to try.

 The Visits are Bittersweet for me as I know they are for many. The Veterans are always so kind and so happy to see the children. Their eyes light up and it fills my heart that we can bring some sunshine into their day. The children know it's special too.

I feel so special to be a part of this each year. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Vow

I had a special girls night out with a few friends and new acquaintances. We met at the Movie Theater to watch this wonderful movie called "The Vow" A wonderful love story it did not disappoint! I loved everything about this movie, The Actors & Actresses played the parts perfectly and it was such a  great love story.  

Oh and it most certainly didn't hurt the movie that there were tons of Knit Wear!! Worn by Channing even ;-) Can't wait to watch it again someday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Bitty Snow Flakes ..

Now I know there are plenty of places that get FEET of snow. 

But here in our little area of Oklahoma Snow is a rare treat.

To get enough snow to even build a snowman is even more rare... almost never happens. 

But it still makes us so happy even when it melts before noon...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gettin' My Gym On . .

I always said that when both of the girls started school and I didn't need to worry over who could watch them, That I'd start going to the gym. That time came way back in August. But I've finally found a Gym buddy.. everybody should have one.. only a few will be lucky enough to have found the awesome Gym buddy I have! She makes me look forward to the workout every morning.

Cheers to good health and good friends.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Good Find . .

We have a Second hand store 2 blocks down from our house that is run by a very nice lady and her Daughter. We drop in from time to time to see what they have new. I only frequent this store because everything is so neat and tidy and it doesn't have that "used" smell like some resale shops do. On our last visit we found this beautiful curio cabinet! I've always wanted one. 

The lovely dishes you see belonged to my Grandmother. When I was a little girl she had them on display in her dinning room build in hutch.

 I would always gaze at them and she would tell me that someday they would be mine.

 I was always very happy to hear that. 

 Since they've become mine they have been hidden away on the stop shelf of my cupboard unseen.

 So when the curio came home with us I knew what would go in right away.

Now I have a reason to visit the antique shops downtown, I have a curio cabinet that needs more pretties. I look forward to filling it with color & eye candy...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Socks 4 Abbey :)

Abbey is my darling 5 year old. She is also my favorite person to knit for because no-one get's as excited about a new knitted item than Abbey. She is also very demanding about receiving knitted items.

Her favorite knitted item seems to be socks. Every time she sees me knitting on a sock she asks if it's for her. If I reply no. She says it's not fair and stomps away.

The truth is I do love knitting socks for her. Well, I love knitting socks in general but the best thing about Abbey's socks is how quickly I can knit a pair up. I always use leftover sock yarn I had from other projects. On this particular pair I decided to try out an afterthought heel for the first time and so I did the toe and heel in a different color. I think they turned out very cute. The colors work well together.

After a new pair of socks is placed on her feet. She wants to wear them for days without taking them off.. 

Pattern Used: My Own (Cast on 40 stitches)
Needle Size: 2.5 MM
Yarn 1: Cherry Tree Hill (Colorway: Wild Cherry)
Yarn 2: Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn (Colorway: 5633)
Specs: Top Down, Afterthought Heel Using The Knit Girls Tutorial.