Saturday, March 03, 2012

Valentines for Veterans

Me & my Girls are Members of Camp Fire USA. Each year all of our groups make Valentines that will be hand delivered by all of us to the Veterans living at the Veterans Center of Ardmore. In our meetings while we make the Valentines we learn what a Veteran is and what they have done for our country and our Freedom.

I am the leader of my Little Abbey's Little Stars Group.
(Aren't the adorable) I have around 11 members total.
(Abbey is second from the right)

I'm also the Co-Leader of My Oldest Daughters Adventurer Group. All very sweet girls (Ashley is in the middle)

 The Veterans Center is big and houses a lot of our heroes. We normally split into two large groups and walk along together and line the kids up to take turns handing our Vets their hand made Valentines.

Most of the kids are very eager to do the handouts . . .

Some are a little timid at first but after we pass along a few they are okay.

 A couple will always be too scared to try.

 The Visits are Bittersweet for me as I know they are for many. The Veterans are always so kind and so happy to see the children. Their eyes light up and it fills my heart that we can bring some sunshine into their day. The children know it's special too.

I feel so special to be a part of this each year. 

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