Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog or Blog Read?

It seems lately I've been doing a lot more blog reading than blogging. I love the more visual blogs, with lots of pictures and crafty goodness oh and let's not forget cooking goodness. My favorites OH and Yarn pron is good too :) Love the yarn and knitting needles!

So anyway, I'm here blogging now (after blog reading of course) but there really isn't very much to blog about, sometimes I envy people who have much going on and blog about it, but then I remember how much I enjoy my non-dramatic non-surpising days :)

My days are filled with toting Ashley back and forth to school & campfire meetings. Laundry, grocery shopping, cooking cleaning and of course sweet Abbey :) here and there I find time for Facebook and emails :) There are a lot of other things I need to be doing... making appointments for the girls, potty training Abbey etc.

All that aside . . I'm getting the weekend off, from everyday mundane life, I get to go to a Scrapbook retreat at the wonderful Stolen Moments in with some of the best friends a girl could wish for. I can hardly wait, It's been such a very long time and so many things have gone on that I've needed this for sometime. I always miss my hubby and girls while I'm gone but it is so nice to get that weekend to relax and worry only about myself. So it's time to pack the scrapbook stuff up!

The only bummer about the weekend is that I will be missing two things with Ashley, on Friday her class is taking their end of the year trip to the zoo and this weekend is Spring Camp for Campfire :( I really hate to miss that one, but I need the break and it will be good for Ashley to do things without me this once :)

I'm knitting on a dress for Abbey and a pair of socks for Ashley :)

that pretty much sums it up for this time :)

Until next time . .

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend . . .

Happy Monday! (not)

Abbey didn't sleep very much at all last night, I'm still not sure why but after her diaper this morning I suspect her belly must have been bothering her. I'm exhausted I got almost no sleep & neither did She or Ashley.

We did however have a pretty fun weekend overall. Friday night was girls night with Mom and Kristi. Normally Ashley is when her Dad on these nights but She was with us this weekend. For girls night we always hit the mall & eat dinner. Ashley was in desperate need of some new clothes. She was growing out of the old ones. JcPenney was having a great sale so we got her some clothes to get her thru summer for very little. I tried to let her pick things out. She's 7 now and I know I need to let her choose and make some of her own decisions. After that we had Chinese for dinner. It was fun.

Saturday night we had my cousin Angie and her husband Scott and their little girl Maddie (who I used to sit for) over. It had been way too long since we'd gotten together with them. We let the girls play while we had a few drinks and caught up on life. We order pizza from a local Italian place. We had a nice time. Ashley ended up spending the night with Maddie.

Sunday was a lazy day I caught up on a few TV shows I was behind on (Hell's kitchen mostly) and then I watched a quirky little movie called "Smart People" I enjoyed it :)

Well That was our Weekend...

Not much going on today really.... Thank goodness because I'm tired... LOL!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April End . .

I can hardly believe I haven't posted here since the beginning of the month. It has been a rather busy Month, Nothing especially new or exciting going on just busy with everyday life and still getting the hang of Jake's new work schedule. We're doing much better with it now than at first. But it's not great and I'm pretty sure it won't be as long as he works nights. He sleeps well and everything but we don't get to see him very much on those 4 days that he works and that's a little hard. But we do what we must and are thankful for what we have for sure.

Let me think... Where to start. Easter was great! We had a ham dinner with Mom, Kristi and Grandpa. The Weather was a little icky but it did stop raining long enough for us the hide and let the girls hunt their pretty easter eggs... Abbey was very cute... asking please before she picked up her first egg. Very funny... Here are a few photo's from our Easter Day.

Abbey & Ashley had another big change this Month. Abbey was sleeping in a toddler bed, the same toddler bed we had used for Ashley, A plastic peace broke on it and we couldn't see buying another toddler bed for her to use for maybe another year. The girls room is too small for two twin sized beds, They would fit but they wouldn't have room for much else. So I went on a hunt for the best deal on bunk beds. I had to find something affordable and something with a removable for Abbey's safety. We got lucky because Ashley's sleigh bed had a hidaway bed so we already had two mattresses and we didn't have to buy that. I found a bunk bed that we all really like and it had the best price tag to boot... Here is a shot of the girls trying out the new bed.

Our weather here in Oklahoma has been absolutely rediculous. One day we have severe thunderstorms with tornado warnings and the next day its in the 80's and the next day it's too dry and terrible wildfires are raging everywhere. it's scary... It's those few nice days we've had me and the girls have made the most of it by spending sometime outside on the swingset :)

In knitting news. I've got a few new projects going. I'm going to stop with the dishcloths. I'm spending all my time on those and not trying new things and learning to knit new things. I've started the Mae Day dress for Abbey, I'm almost half finished with it and I started a pair of socks for Ashley that I've been promising her for awhile :) My knit in nights were on Monday's but with Jake's work schedule I wasn't going to be able to attend very often, so the ladies in the knit group were so nice and more than willing to change the night. I enjoy the ladies I knit with so much, Such an interesting group :) I'm learning a lot from all of them.

I did finish a long time project I'd been working on, When my friend Brie told me she was pregnant I knew I had to find the perfect baby blanket pattern and knit it for the baby. It took me awhile to find a pattern I liked enough to make for a good friend. But baby willow finally has her blanket... here are some shots I took of it before mailing it out :)

Okay I think that's about all there is to post about this time.

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Hello! Above you see a photo of Ashley's strawberry plant that she planted in Camp Fire, It's already grown much more since this picture was taken.

I haven't been posting much because there hasn't been much exciting going on. I will share the KAL and I work further on it. In case you haven't guessed it's a Table Runner. I figured it out on the third day. Only because I already had it in my Ravelry Que forever :) I'm glad to finally see it cast on!!

The last week we've been working on getting a swingset together for the girls. Yes I did say this last week, It was hard and I thought we were never going to get that thing together. We're mostly finished now we just need to do the tie downs and put the teeter totter on. The girls are very excited and love it already.

I've had some time for more knitting lately. especially with Jake working nights, On those nights it seems I'm here alone a lot with the girls. We've all adjusted fairly well I think. Jake is still keeping his eyes and ears open for something on days though. It's hard not getting to spend very much time together. But we are grateful to have income of course.

I guess that's about all for now. I should have some pictures up in a few days of the swing set and the girls playing :)

Until then...