Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Ramble

For those who do, I have a prayer request. Shawn, My Ex-Husband and Ashley's Daddy had a pretty bad wreck on his four wheeler this past weekend, He broke a rib and fractured a few others, and messed his shoulder up pretty bad, He is okay, but while they were doing the cat-scan? for the bones I guess, They discovered that he only has one functioning kidney. So please pray for his health and My baby Girl's Daddy.

That out of the way, On Saturday I did something much safer physically than four wheeling, I Scrap booked from 10am to midnight with Danette, and two of the funniest ladies I've met! Susan and Susie! We had met them the last time we were down at Scrapbook Warehouse, we were seated next to them, so this time we emailed and invited them to meet us there again, We truly had a ball and laughed so much! it was a great day! I did manage to get a lot of scrap booking done in between the laughs, I did 8 pages altogether! We can't wait to go again!

I've been working on some new knitting projects. I'd went on Hiatus there for awhile because I couldn't find anything I wanted to make, But now I have several patterns printed out I'd like to do! Here are the two I'm currently working on...

Katja from

and a baby sweater from my knit it mag.

oh and I did finish the funky hat I was working on in the last blog. I decided against the stringy things at the top for now, I may add them later though.

I'm way behind on TV shows and I've been recording a TON of cooking shows, So today I hope to knit a lot and get caught up on some shows!! Hopefully I won't be glued to this screen for much longer.

Ashley did get enrolled into Kindergarten last week, They took them on Monday to show them the new school they would be going to next year. Ashley was very impressed by their playground and the fact that they don't each lunch in their classrooms like they do at her preschool now.. LOL!! It will be another big change next year, Her going to school for a full day!

This weekend is Germanfest in Muenster, TX. I have sitters lined up for the Girls, Ashley is going to her Dad's and Abbey is going to stay with Danette. We will have a Van full, It will be Me, Jake, Mom, Greg, David & Jeremy riding with us and we're hoping Angie and Scott will come along and maybe Mike and Misty, It will be a fun day, We have a designated driver and will be sampling lots of German Beers and eating Strudel and watching the polka Dancers! LOL!! Who knows maybe I'll have some pictures to share!

Brie requested pictures of the new-old table I got from Scott and Angie.. ask and you shall receive :o) ignore the lovely green flooring, no need to remind that I hate a few things about this old house...

Okay guess I should bail before this becomes and novel that no-one has time to read.. LOL!! Have a great week!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

2 Peas Challenge: TV Show

What is one tv show that you just can't get enuf of??? blog about it.

Umm... This is a hard one, There are so many that I like!! Right
now it would be a tie between "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Riches" I love them both equally. I love love love how Grey's makes you cry, laugh, & think, Not to mention the characters you just fall in love with. I love The Riches because it NEW and original!! Mini Driver is so awesome!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Peas Challenge: Girlfriend Getaways

Two Peas Challenge: Girlfriend Getaways
Describe your most perfect girlfriends getaway..with all the details... where would u go? What would you do togther?

Wow!! Can this be things I could never in my wildest
dreams afford?? The perfect girlfriends getaway would be Hawaii (Since I've always dreamed of going there), with a Scrapbook convention, Lots of Shopping and even more relaxing and Scrapbooking! maybe a nice big mansion to stay in while we're there :o)
Perfect.. wait.. somethings missing?? MARGARITA'S!!!!

It's been a non-busy week for me, But I've managed to stay busy keeping up on Laundry and getting a little more familiar with Two Peas Message board! You have to be careful on there, You could spend hours and not even know it! Ha! And no, I still haven't uploaded any layouts yet to my gallery, I still have a lot to figure out on there! You'll probably see me posting things here now and then from challenges posted over there, like I did yesterday!

I have started to knit once again! New episodes of Knitty Gritty started, that's always a great motivator, and Vicki Howell is such an inspiration! I just wish I Had the spunk to wear the vintage clothing that goes along with knitted projects so well.. Anyway, I'm working on a hat for Abbey, from one of the knitting mags, can't remember which one right now, Here's a pic of my progress..

My cousin Angie and Her family got a new dinning room set and I begged for the old one, Her husband had actually made the table and they had some mixed matched chairs, Jake isn't too wild about it I don't think, but I like the eclectic look of it, It's so much more modern than the table and chairs that we did have, which by the way was bought by my Grandmother when Mom was pregnant with me, So it was 30 years old. We stored it in the Garage and I love my new long square table!!

This Saturday is my Monthly Scrapbook day getaway with Danette, we're heading down to our favorite spot, Scrapbook Warehouse in Lewisville, TX. I can hardly wait, I ordered some new ink and paper for my 4x6 printer yesterday, Should be here tomorrow so I can print some pics out! I'm thinking of working on Ashley's school album since I haven't started it yet...

The next three days they are having pre-inrollment for Kindergarden next year, So I've got to get over there and get Ashley inrolled, I have everything almost together for that, It's looking like tomorrow will be the day for that...

okay that's enough boring stuff... have a great week everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Peas Challenge: Friendship

What character traits do you deem vital/important, when considering
someone as a close friend in your life? blog about it.

Committed - being there thru good, bad, rich, poor, happy or sad.

Time Share - making time in their life for me no matter how busy they are.

Acceptance - for me, my family, my opinions, my way of life, even my ongoing
rants & mood swings.

I expect these things because these are the things I offer to a true friend. My dearest and closest friend is Danette, We became friends while working together at Wal-Mart 13 long
years ago. She became my friend when I was very immature relationship-wise and had a lot of growing & learning to do in that area, she forgave me for those times when I went astray and I never want to know my life without her being a part of it. She is truly the greatest friend I could ever ask for. I love you dearly Danette & will always be Thankful for your friendship.

above is a layout I did just this weekend of Danette & I.
(stamped by me with CTMH stamps)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Belated Easter!

I hope everyone had a happy and fun filled day with family & friends.
we had a great day, Jake, Me, Abbey, Ashley, Mom & Kristi met up
with my Cousin Angie, her family & inlaws for Easter so that Lane,
Maddie & Ashley could hunt eggs together. I made beer bread, Grandma
Elaines Cookie sheet cake and oatmeal raisin cookies. Everyone made
a yummy dish and we had a small feist! Here are 2 pics from our day!

Thursday at School they had Ashley's egg hunt, I went and helped hide the eggs, and watched the kids hunt eggs, It was a ball, Those kids were so funny running after those eggs! I'm proud to say Ashley did get some eggs this time, unlike the horrible hunt we'd went to last week! ugh. Here is a photo of her eggs she found at school.

I'm proud to say my Cooks Essentials Cookware from QVC did come in, I've been using it as much as I CAN and I do LOVE it!! I already have a list of other things I'd like to buy and I ordered me a pair of Rockport Thong Sandles, I needed a good pair of "flip-flops" to wear when I go shopping! hee!

Abbey is 10 weeks today! I can hardly believe she's been here that long already, I so don't want to her to get any bigger, It's such a blessing having a baby in the house again, She's such a sweet baby too! Here is her 10 week picture :o)

I've been messing around on two a lot more lately I'm working on posting my layouts there.. when I do I'll post the link here so you all can check out the scrapbook links I've been working on lately.

Well, I better get out of here, I'm behind on some DVR shows and I Need to get caught up and get them deleted from the DVR :o)

Have an awesome week!!

Hugs, Mandi

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good Sunday...

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Mine is pretty good so far. We're going out to the city lake in a few hours with some friends, Their kids and ours to let them do some fishing, That should be fun, We've never taken Ashley, She has gone with her Daddy once or twice though.

Last night the city of Ardmore had a "Twilight Easter Egg Hunt" at our regional park. Jake stayed home with Abbey and I took Ashley to it, Mom and Kristi came along. They had 4 different moon bounces set up for the kids and 6 different games, the Easter bunny landed in the field in a Helicopter and you could have your Picture made with her. Ashley played all the games but the potato sack races (she had a dress on) and we had her picture made with the Easter bunny. It was nice because it was an actual 5X7 photo, not just a poloroid and it was only $6 which I didn't think was bad. Ashley didn't do the moon bounces, because they were too crowded and she doesn't like doing them with bigger kids in there. Now we get to the easter egg hunt part... It was mean to be done in the dark with your flashlights. A great idea right? It could have been, but what it turned out to be was a disappointing, disorganized, disaster!!! They were supposed to do each egg hunt by age groups...well they ended up letting every kid there go on one field at the same time.. they probably had 100 eggs and 500 kids and they blew a whistle and you ran.. little kids were trompled by older kids & ADULTS!! It was awful, I'm hoping since this was the first year they'd done it, They will have the hunt a little more oganized next year... Oh and Ashley got ZERO eggs much to my dismay and was balling her head off :o(

I've been going thru my scrapbook stuff, I cleaned out my Paper Sticker Binder and took out the stickers I would never use, but kept them in a box for Ashley to use and I went thru my Paper Taker and got rid of the papers I thought I'd never use and saved those in a box for Ashley as well. Now I feel ready to be scrapbooking full force and get a lot done! I'm not too far behind.. so that's good :o)

I made a rather large and exciting purchase for myself this past week, I've been in desperate need of a new set of skillets and sauce pans for awhile. So I order this awesome set of Cook's Essentials on QVC! It's perfect. It has all the sizes that I wanted PLUS it has a veggie steamer for the 2 quart sauce pan I cannot WAIT to get it and throw all these CRAP pans and skillets I have out! ha! here is the set I bought.. but the red is a little darker than it actually shows in this picture...
Took a few pics of Ashley and Abbey together yesterday, Abbey is going to be a HAM just like Ashley always was for me! I Love it!! Here are the two best out of the bunch...

Well, I better get outta here, I Need to get some more laundry going and get ready for fishing...