Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Friday . .

Last Friday Ashley's school held a Field Day at our Noble Football Stadium for the kids, The entire school was there, All Pre-K and Kindergarten.. A LOT of kids. So I left Abbey with Mom and went with Ashley it was from 9am to 1pm. . . . Here are some pictures from our fun Day!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tucker Tower :)

Yesterday we did something new and fun!! We visited Tucker Tower.

"Overlooking Lake Murray, this tower was intended as a summer home for Governor Bill Murray and now stands as a lighthouse sentinel. An educational exhibit inside the tower includes flora and fauna collections"

On our way to Tucker Tower we stopped at a Picnic Area called "Pecan Grove" and had a sandwich picnic, After we finished lunch we walked part-way down one of the two trails they had there. We would have walked further but we were excited to get to Tucker Tower! Here are a few snapshots from our picnic.

Here are the snapshots from Tucker Tower :)

This is the the walking path you walk up from the parking lot leading to the tower.

This is what would have been the porch of the home at one time.

Here are just a couple of snapshots of things they had inside, There were many different displays of animals and minerals. Lots of interesting things.

This is one section of the four sections of stars to climb to the top :)

and here is the beautiful scenery from the top of the tower, Lake Murray.. So pretty!!!

Last but not least our family at the top :)

I don't know about other families but our family seems to have fallen into the bad habit of laying around and watching TV on weekends instead of getting out and doing fun things as a family. So we've decided on the weekends that we have Ashley to do something fun together as a family. This was the first of what I hope are many fun family things to do together :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exciting News :)

Here is Abbey.... Can you guess what she is doing???

That's right, She's walking!!! Woohoo!!!! So awesome! She is all over the place for REAL now, Lord help me! LOL!!! We were beginning to worry, She took her time :)

In other news, Last week I bought me a new toy :) It's a Cuttlebug, For you Non-Scrapbookers It's a die cut machine, It embosses and cuts out shapes :) I had an older Sizzix die cut machine that was to heavy to even take with me to crops and retreats so I needed this, not to mention that I can use almost any dies made by any company in it :) Woot! More selection on dies! yaay!!

Our weather has been beautiful!! I weighed in on Monday lost 4.8 lbs! I was so happy!! I wasn't expecting that big of a number. The walking really is making a difference.

Until next time....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I still haven't given my blog a facelift. I need to figure out how to get my PSP over here to the laptop so I can make my new banners here instead of going to the desktop. I'm spoiled to the laptop now. LOL!!

I had a great time at the retreat, It was an unexpected surprise. Susie was very sweet to invite all of us and the only "fee" for Scrapbooking the entire weekend was a small donation to the missionaries at her church and the donated of needed things to the local womens shelter. We had a fantastic time and I got to make a few new Scrapbooking friends as well!

Things here have been going along. I'm still attending the weight watchers meetings. I've lost 18 lbs so far. I'm feeling a lot better too. Breathing easier, Sleeping better. I've been encouraging Ashley to make healthier choices as well. We've been going to the park, we're trying for 3 days a week to walk together as a family and let Ashley play and get excercise. the weathers been so nice it really makes you want to be outside more. I'm really bad about staying home inside the house a lot. I know it's not healthy, mentally or physically and having the family get outside with me makes me want to be out there more.

Of course I'm STILL knitting :) as if that would ever stop.. haha! Let's see right now OTN I have My afghan that I've been working on forever. but I've been working on it more in the last couple of weeks so I've made some progress on it. I'm also working on a Central Park Hoodie for myself, A pair of ankle socks for myself, the sweater for Ashley, If I don't finish it soon it will end up being for Abbey instead.. LOL!! and I think that's about it for now. I did finally finish my fulled Lopi Tote... I'll post some pictres before and after...

a few weeks ago Jake took a day off work and we went with Ashley's class on a field trip to seminole, OK to the Children's museum there. They had a lot of interested things for kids, everything was hands on and the kids had a lot of fun... here is a picture of Ashley from that. Jake and I got assigned two other girls from the class beside Ashley.. it was difficult keeping them altogether for sure. But we had fun. It poured down rain on the way home.

I guess that's about it for now. I've been bad about posting. I know. I haven't been on the computer as much as I usually do and I finally installed my Sims2 on here and so I've been playing that now and then :) So fun.

Until Next time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This & That :)

I think my blog needs a facelift :) The banner is outdated because the girls have grown so much and I'm getting tired of the colors. I need to work on the facelift soon.

I haven't been blogging as much lately as I'd like to. We've had a lot going on in the evenings & and I've been spending far too much time on Ravelry during the day. LOL!! I can't help myself, it's addicting. So many great patterns to sort thru and great forums to read & post to! haha!

We had our Knitting meeting last night, We decided on a name, We're calling ourselves "Knitorious" we wanted to decide on a name so that we could post leaflets on bulletin boards around town and get it posted in the paper as well. We want to grow and get more people interested in our group :) Anyway knit night was great as usual and I got a lot done on my Fulled Lopi Tote.

I had my weight watchers weigh in last yesterday morning. I was so scared to weigh in because last week I gained 2lbs. I kind of though it had been because it was my TOM but I wasn't sure. Turns out it was because I lost almost 4 lbs this week. That puts my WL total at 17 lbs!! Woohoo!! I'm so glad to be losing weight and feeling better.

This past weekend, Me, My Mom, Danetter & her Mom all went to Norman, OK together to attend them Taste of Home Cooking school. We had such a great time, The Lady teaching the class was so funny and made it a blast. We did a little shopping of course while we were in Norman, I had to stop and visit L&B Yarn Co. where I picked me up some discount cotton yarn to knit a sweater with , Barnes & Noble where I picked up two more of the Yarn Harlot's books that I didn't have yet, I wanted to buy her new one but they didn't have it. Maybe it hasn't been released yet. The Scrapbook store and a few other places that we stopped at.

We bought Ashley a new Bike, I say new she's never had one here at our house, She has one at her Dad's but not here, It fits in the back of the Van nicely so we're planning to take it with us on our trips to the park to let her ride. We've been trying to be more active, together as a family. I really enjoy our outtings to the park during he week when we're able.

This weekend on Saturday we plan on helping our friend Michael move. I'm hoping we can get it all done on Saturday so that I can go Scrapbook with Danette on Sunday. But we'll see. I have a lot to get caught up on for the girls.

I guess that is about it for now, I need to get the photo's loaded and get ready to go get Ashley from school.

Until Next time...