Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This & That :)

I think my blog needs a facelift :) The banner is outdated because the girls have grown so much and I'm getting tired of the colors. I need to work on the facelift soon.

I haven't been blogging as much lately as I'd like to. We've had a lot going on in the evenings & and I've been spending far too much time on Ravelry during the day. LOL!! I can't help myself, it's addicting. So many great patterns to sort thru and great forums to read & post to! haha!

We had our Knitting meeting last night, We decided on a name, We're calling ourselves "Knitorious" we wanted to decide on a name so that we could post leaflets on bulletin boards around town and get it posted in the paper as well. We want to grow and get more people interested in our group :) Anyway knit night was great as usual and I got a lot done on my Fulled Lopi Tote.

I had my weight watchers weigh in last yesterday morning. I was so scared to weigh in because last week I gained 2lbs. I kind of though it had been because it was my TOM but I wasn't sure. Turns out it was because I lost almost 4 lbs this week. That puts my WL total at 17 lbs!! Woohoo!! I'm so glad to be losing weight and feeling better.

This past weekend, Me, My Mom, Danetter & her Mom all went to Norman, OK together to attend them Taste of Home Cooking school. We had such a great time, The Lady teaching the class was so funny and made it a blast. We did a little shopping of course while we were in Norman, I had to stop and visit L&B Yarn Co. where I picked me up some discount cotton yarn to knit a sweater with , Barnes & Noble where I picked up two more of the Yarn Harlot's books that I didn't have yet, I wanted to buy her new one but they didn't have it. Maybe it hasn't been released yet. The Scrapbook store and a few other places that we stopped at.

We bought Ashley a new Bike, I say new she's never had one here at our house, She has one at her Dad's but not here, It fits in the back of the Van nicely so we're planning to take it with us on our trips to the park to let her ride. We've been trying to be more active, together as a family. I really enjoy our outtings to the park during he week when we're able.

This weekend on Saturday we plan on helping our friend Michael move. I'm hoping we can get it all done on Saturday so that I can go Scrapbook with Danette on Sunday. But we'll see. I have a lot to get caught up on for the girls.

I guess that is about it for now, I need to get the photo's loaded and get ready to go get Ashley from school.

Until Next time...


Jill L said...

Wow! Lots going on. The ccoking thing lkooked like fun! Your daught er so cute with her bike! I miss those days now....Have fun with your books and pretty yarn.

Brie said...

Good job on the weight loss!
I am so jealous of the cooking school!!!!
Awww *pinches her cute little cheeks*

Kathy said...

Hi, just stumbled into your blog while browsing around...I love your blog, your kids are beautiful.

Misty said...

Those pics of Abbey are so adorable! :D She's really growing, my goodness! :) Ashley looks like she's lovin' the new bike! :)