Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our First Hockey Game...

Now you Canadians and other serious Hocky fans don't make fun, But we actually have a Hockey Team in Oklahoma City :) A few months ago our friend Michael won four free tickets to a Blazers Hockey game. So this past Saturday was the last game of the season so we decided to trade in our tickets. We went up around 3pm, got there around 4pm. We had Dinner at the Bricktown Brewery & we had a glass of their wonderful beer. Then we headed to the Hockey game, Jake and I had more or less gone because Michael invited us and we'd never been to a Hockey game before. Now I have to say... We LOVED it!!!!! The Blazers are a really good Hocky team! the game was so interesting and fun to watch. We will be looking into going to some games next season for sure!!! I'd love to take the girls to a game as well :)
I have a few pictures from our fun.....The picture you see above is of course Jake and I enjoying a little beverage and waiting for the Hockey game to begin :)
Here are a few shots of our team..

After the Hocky game on the first floor of the ford center they had Elenor on display.. now you gone in 60 seconds fans might remember this cherished car from the movie :) This is the original Elenor :)

During the Hocky game they had this stretch Limo that was intering the rink during the breaks... it is a ford excursion stretch Limo.. so after the show we're leaving and this Limo is parked right outside the doors of our parking garage and the driver is standing there with the doors open letting people look inside... then he told us to crawl on in.. I've never been in a Limo before!!! I was exciting... haha

It was such a fun night! It was nice to go on a date with my sweetheart :)


Lil Knitter said...

YAY! Fun date night! I know nothing about hockey...glad you had fun. lol
How cool you got to see Elenor...loved that movie! We've watched it so many times.

Brie said...

Looks awesome!! Hockey game is on our list but I have no idea about even where they play since we seem to have a new arena for everything lately.
Awesome limo!!!!!

Kar said...

I am so glad you got to experience a hockey game!!!!!!!! Now you know what you've been missing, eh??? :)