Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Enough Time . . .

I hate when I wait so long in between posts, I normally end up overwhelmed by everything I wanted to share and end up forgetting half of it! LOL!!! Sad I know, I'm too young to forget things so easily, But I've always had a terrible memory anyway.

I want to start about sharing a photo of all the wonderful ladies that were a part of the Scrapbook retreat that I went too, I think this was my fourth retreat and I had such a great time, I always do, Suzy and Randall own Stolen Moments Inn where we have the retreats and we are lucky enough to even get to Scrapbook with Suzy for the weekend. They are such wonderful people and always make everyone feel so welcome and right at home, Teresa hosted this retreat and she always does a great job planning our meals and taking care of us, It's just a great time... This particular weekend was very productive for me as I got 55 Scrapbook pages done! This means the girls Scrapbooks are caught up to the end of May! I just need to do June and this month to be caught up, I hope to stay caught up so I can work on some of my older pictures from before I had my girls :)

We've been pushing on with the work on the bathroom and the hall between the bedrooms. Jake surprised me while I was gone on the retreat by getting the linoleum down in the bathroom, I was so glad to walk in there and NOT see chip board.. LOL!! This week I got the hall painted, and tonight Jake put the flooring down in the hall, So now we just need to get the trim, doors, hinges, light fixtures and things like that in and we finished in that part of the house. I'll share before and after pictures when we're all finished :)

With all of the painting going on and scrapbooking I haven't been able to sit long enough to do much knitting lately. I certainly do miss it when I haven't done it in awhile, these dishcloths are some I finished a long time ago and finally got to weave in the ends this morning. I did get to go to the knit in last night so it let me scratch my knitting itch for a few hours.

I've figured out that I'm now addicted to craft blogs, Knitting, sewing, cardmaking, scrapbooking, I love them all!! I need to add more to my list to the left because I have so many favorites now!! I've really found some wonderful blogs to subscribe too! I love those feeds!

Big Brother started! YAAY!! Even though I watch so many different reality shows, This one remains my favorites one! I love it!!!

Speaking of reality shows, Guess who is coming to little ol' Ardmore, Ok in concert, Brett Michaels from Poison! WOW!! I had to go, I've been a faithful watcher of Rock of Love 1&2! And yes I plan on watching the third one... yeah I know another one I really liked Amber but ahh well, more trashiness and of course more Bret to enjoy :) Anyway where was I?? Oh yeah I got tickets to the concert.. WOOT! Me, My BFF Danette and My Cousin Angie are all going to go together, Girls now out! WOOHOO!! :) Should be fun! That's in September.

In two weeks we have Jake's friend Casey flying in from Washington to visit for a week, So I'm going to be decluttering and cleaning the house like a maniac until he get's here. I always do that when i know I've got company coming!! Besides I hate clutter and with the bathroom/hall renovations everything has just been piled up everywhere! It will be nice to have it all clean and tidy again :)

The Girls are doing okay. We've been having a few problems with Ashley, Nothing out of the ordinary, Normal behavior problems. I hope she grows out of these soon, They are hard to deal with some days. Abbey is doing well, learning lots of new words and doing some of the cutest things. She's such a smart little bugger!!!

I guess that's about all for now, I want to watch Flippin-Out and do some knitting before I get too tired :)

Until next time . . . .

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ready - Set - GO!!

Hi, Howday & Hello!!

Let's see, we've had a few things going on new around here :) Jake's birthday money was used for Guitar Hero for the Wii :) It's Wonderful for Jake, not my sort of thing, I get way to befazzled when I try to play it.

Abbey apparently took a liking to her new potty as she peed in it as soon as I took it out of the box, Now she tells me a few times a day she needs to pee and we sit and pee, it's located in the living room for now, She is still wetting her diaper and we're letting her go at her own pace :) She's such a smarty :)

I bought new Close To My Heart Stamps from Danette and I've been playing around with
them this week, I'm getting myself geared up for my GLORIOUS weekend of Scrapbooking this weekend. it's retreat time, I'ts been a long time! I'm SO looking forward to getting lots done :)

That's the good stuff for now ....

Until next time . . .