Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Girls Room

I know I haven't blogged in way too long. The thought of a huge long post turns me sour right now and I have so many things I want to share on here, So maybe one or two things at a time is how we'll go with it for now. As a matter of fact I have a huge post that I started and might finish someday or maybe not.

Lot's going on in and out of the Goodman house these days. Major kitchen redo and De - cluttering in all rooms. Each room is getting a day of the week to be worked on now. Today was the girls room. I did not take a before picture. Mostly because I might have broken my neck getting in there to take and picture and because I would have been too embarrassed to share it. This picture isn't great taken on the phone. I'm a total neat freak and I sure to some the room was just fine but It was driving me crazy and since the girls share a room they had WAAAAAY to many toys in there. Took me four hours! With a tinsy bit of help sorting from Hubs. I think we hauled off several trash bags of stuff and some bigger items as well. Glad it's gone and all is tidy in the pink bedroom for today :)

The house is quiet now as Ash is gone for the evening with her Daddy and Jake is at work. Just Abs and me and we're a quiet couple of gals when left home alone :)

Until next time . . .