Monday, March 23, 2009

Rachels Knitting Room Mystery KAL Day 7&8

No post on yesterdays progress, I was late getting to knit the rows But here is what the KAL looks like today, I've already guessed what the KAL is.. hehe! I guessed on Day3! Only because I've had the pattern saved to make myself :) Oh those knives you see there are my QVC good find, cheap and no shipping :) It's good to finally have a good paring knife in the house!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saint Patricks Day :)

This is our first year to celebrate and do something special for Saint Patricks Day, We had a lot of fun decorating and cooking, so I look forward to making it a part of our traditions. Here are some pictures from our dinner :)

Green Deviled Eggs, My Mom Makes the Best!

Ashley's pretty Decorations

Shamroom Cookies - Yum!

Beer Bread!

Irish Stew and Cabbage

Rachels Knitting Room Mystery KAL Day 5!

Posting a little late yesterday was busy! Did some deep cleaning and Girls Night :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rachels Knitting Room Mystery KAL Day 3!

It's looking so pretty!!! I Love it! I had made a boo-boo on yesterdays rows, Thank you to our wonderful List Mommie Rachel for letting me know ! I'll be making a St. Patty's Day post soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rachels Knitting Room Mystery KAL!!!

I'm a part of a Wonderful Group of Knitters all in the Group Rachel's Knitting Room on Yahoo Groups. We have wonderful dishcloth KAL's (Knit Alongs) on the group, This Month Rachel has decided we're going to do something a bit different in celebration on the groups Anniversary! I'm very intriged and excited about this KAL its a mystery! So I'm going to try to post updates here and show how we're moving along :) Today was our First Day of Rows and the photo above is my completion for the day, I can hardly wait for tomorrow.... If you'd like to join the KAL you can join the group (link above) or I think Rachel will be posting the lines to Her Blog :) While your there look around for Rachel's beautifully designed cloth patterns!

Thanks for looking!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Camp Fire 99 Years!!

This past Thursday we Celebrated Camp Fire's 99th Birthday. We had a nice birthday Banquet where we brought boxed dinners and dessert to eat and each group performed a small skit and we got to watch picture slideshows of the events so far this year. We had a fun time.

The day before the event Ashley finally got her Campfire Vest along with the emblems she's earned so far this year. She's very proud and the tips of Mommies fingers are very sore from those! hehe! But I'm a proud Momma as well, We are so glad we joined Camp Fire this past year, We've had the BEST time and made some great new friends, We look forward to being involved for many years to come...

Here are some photo's to share....

Monday, March 02, 2009

Scrapbook Time!

On Saturday Danette joined me here at home for some Scrapbooking time. She played with her stamps and made some adorable Cards and I got a few layouts completed, The first shot you'll see if of the table we were working on... hehe! The rest of the photo's are of layouts that I did.

March Is Here :)

These beautiful tulips were waiting for me this morning when I woke up, My husband is so special, and so good to me :)

My first day of March was not a very good one. I caught some yucky stuff from the girls and it had me on the couch all day yesterday with a bad fever I tried my best to fight off. I'm feeling a little better today but I know the yucky stuff will linger around for awhile.

After laying on the couch for an entire day yesterday and getting nothing accomplished (except playing catch-up on episodes of American Idol) I felt I needed to do something to make up for it. after watching the Episode of John and Kate the other day where they were showing the new house to the kids and she was cleaning the fridge out it made me realize I've not REALLY cleaned this fridge out since we moved into this house. I mean, I've wiped the shelves out with a soapy cloth but not breaking them all down... so that was what I did today, Just finished... Let me say... it was gross it there, but it's not now *smile* I feel much better :)

PS. Our fridge is empty looking, I've noticed since I started frugal cooking that not alot of the ingredients I buy go into the fridge..... hrmmm... interesting. The Pantry on the other hand is very full!

I found a very cool Application for my Ipod that is a knitting stitch/row counter. OMG it rocks, the only is.. I wish you could save more than one project.. hehe!!!

Speaking of knitting, I finished up Mom's Thermos Cowl last night while I was lonely (hubby at work) and counch ridden (see above) I just need to get buttons, I'll post more pics when I get someone to model it for me :)

That's all for this post, I'm tired :( Wiped out from the fridge even!!! argh!