Monday, March 02, 2009

March Is Here :)

These beautiful tulips were waiting for me this morning when I woke up, My husband is so special, and so good to me :)

My first day of March was not a very good one. I caught some yucky stuff from the girls and it had me on the couch all day yesterday with a bad fever I tried my best to fight off. I'm feeling a little better today but I know the yucky stuff will linger around for awhile.

After laying on the couch for an entire day yesterday and getting nothing accomplished (except playing catch-up on episodes of American Idol) I felt I needed to do something to make up for it. after watching the Episode of John and Kate the other day where they were showing the new house to the kids and she was cleaning the fridge out it made me realize I've not REALLY cleaned this fridge out since we moved into this house. I mean, I've wiped the shelves out with a soapy cloth but not breaking them all down... so that was what I did today, Just finished... Let me say... it was gross it there, but it's not now *smile* I feel much better :)

PS. Our fridge is empty looking, I've noticed since I started frugal cooking that not alot of the ingredients I buy go into the fridge..... hrmmm... interesting. The Pantry on the other hand is very full!

I found a very cool Application for my Ipod that is a knitting stitch/row counter. OMG it rocks, the only is.. I wish you could save more than one project.. hehe!!!

Speaking of knitting, I finished up Mom's Thermos Cowl last night while I was lonely (hubby at work) and counch ridden (see above) I just need to get buttons, I'll post more pics when I get someone to model it for me :)

That's all for this post, I'm tired :( Wiped out from the fridge even!!! argh!

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Jackie said...

Can you please come clean mine! Yours looks brand new! Hope you're feeling 100% soon!