Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Me, Jake, Micheal & Misty all went to the movies Friday night together, The guys watched "Th Simpson's" and Misty and I watched "Hairspray" It was such a good movie!! Even though I was iffy about seeing John Travolta as a Woman he did an excellent job on the part! It's one of those movies that you go watch and it energizes you and make's you feel Happy! If you love Theatrical movies, This is a MUST SEE!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged & I'm Tagging!

I've been tagged by an awesome knitter & blogger Melanie!

If I tagged you, you need to list 6 weird things about yourself on your blog. Then pick 6 people to tag and list them on your blog. You then leave a comment on these people's blogs stating that they've been tagged and direct them to your blog for the rules.

1. I make a weird annoying humming noise when I concentrate really hard.

2. I hate clutter and junk layout around, So alot of stuff get's thrown away or given away when we don't use it for awhile.

3. I don't like small things on the floor. It looks messy, so everything (but furniture) must sit up on something.

4. I don't like the way my inner thighs feel touching together, So PJ's for me always. (this one is embarrasing to share!)

5. I don't have the desire to eat anything until around 1pm everyday.. that's even with getting up at 7am! Coffee only.

6. I lock doors every door, if we're inside I lock the doors, if we're in the car I lock the doors, I take no chances.. LOL!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

{ 2 Peas } Blog Challenge :

I challenge my friends to do this as well!

Make a list of your top ten things on your mind right now. At the time you blog.

1. Ashley starting Kindergarten in a few weeks at a big school!

2. What will become of this house & Where it will take us.

3. Our possible trip to Eureka Springs, AK at the end of Aug.

4. Getting back on the WW's plan again.

5. The Scrapbooking Retreat in October, My very first one!

6. Jake's job and all of the changes at his work.

7. When I can make some time to scrapbook soon, It's been awhile.

8. When is Abbey going to crawl?

9. Paying off the cost of our Plane Tickets to WA

10. Getting other things paid off. and off our credit.

Friday, July 27, 2007

KAL - Knit Alongs

I'm on two Dishcloth KAL groups. I got a bit behind since I was away on vacation and have been forgetting to post pictures as soon as I finish them.

Here is my KAL from June for my Rachels Knitting Room group.

This is a great bunch of ladies and even though I haven't been able to chatter along with them very much I enjoy being on the group! We're currently working on out July KAL which is so cute so far!!

Now here is my KAL from early July on Monthly Dishcloths. It's a sunshine.

I'm currently knitting the mid-month KAL for MD & So far I Love it! I'll post pictures of it when I get it finished.

This dishcloth is just one I started on my own..no KAL. The pattern for it can be found here I think that's it, They are always out of bandwhidth and it's hard to get on there, but it's worth trying for over and over, They have beautiful dishcloth pattern's there and they do have them in english if you scroll all the way down on each pattern page. I just love this one. I'll be knitting this one again with smaller needles.

Okay that's it for now, Besides dishcloths the only thing I'm working on is a shawl for Ashley (my 5 year old) That's about it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Washington State Vacation . . .

Whew! *sigh*

It's been a crazy month, I must admit I'm both Sad yet Happy to see it go. I'm going to miss Jake's family so much, as well as the beautiful trees and mountains. But I'm ready for our calm daily routines to begin again. I was worried about the girls bouncing back to their old schedules, They didn't seem to have a bit of trouble, It's me suffering.. My body doesn't know when to sleep or eat.. I'm all mixed up! LOL!!

So.. This post is about vacation only ..

We had a great time, Not a lot of site seeing, Mostly visiting with Family which was great, Jake's family is all so nice, They love kids and are just fun to be around in general. Everyone went on and on about how much Abbey looks like Jake, and I agree 100%, It surprises me when someone says she looks like me.. LOL!! Abbey had a major milestone while we were on vacation. One morning, Abbey & I were sleeping in and Jake had went downstairs.. I woke up to Abbey babbling, it was something like this... ad da ad da... I kind of thought she might have been trying to put the words together.. but wasn't sure, Just about then Jake walked in the room, I told him that I though abbey was calling for him... sure enough he leaved over the crib and said good morning to her and she said DADDA! It' couldn't have been more plane spoken... Jake is tickled pink of course :o)

The First day we got in at 9am. We were exhausted since we'd bee up since 12:00am. Jake's Mom picked us up, we drove to Olympia, to the Hospital where Jake's Mom works and where Jake's Uncle was having open heart surgery. Jake's Mom had to work that evening, So she stayed and Jake's Dad drove us on home, We stopped by Jake's Sister's house so she could see the girls, Then we headed on home to relax for the evening... It was so HOT.. and there were no AC's since it rarely get's hot enough for one in Washington. We about burn up! The next morning AC's were put in.. LOL!! Us okies are used to the heat... but the Washitonions are not. Hey, They get heat without the Humidity too which isn't fair.. LOL!!

The next day we visited with Grandma & Grandpa, Got some great pictures and headed over to Grandma Kay's house, Where Ashley got to play with Water guns, and Abbey about chewed Grandma's thumb off teething on it.. LOL!!! Grandma made some delicious Chicken for us for dinner and we had a great visit. Then went home to hang out..

On Thursday Jake's Mom and I went into town for some "Girl Time" I got new clothes at Fashion bug, Thank goodness since I only had 2 suits of clothes that still fit me.. Good grief! WW's here I come. We also picked up Jake's Sister Lavern and her Husband so they could spend the night and spend some time with us, Goodness those two are alot to handle.. For those who don't know... Lavern has Cerebral Palsey and Her husband is Deaf. Lavern is really sweet, She reminds me of a teenager a lot.

On Friday we took vern and Jamie home and Jake's uncle Lowell came over, He's such a great guy, He carried Abbey almost the entire time he was there and played hide and go seek with Ashley. I'd made a roast in the crock-pot so he stayed for dinner and we had a few beers together.

On Saturday we'd made plans ahead of time to get together with Jake's good friend Casey. He and Casey were good friends in High Schoool, This was my first time getting to meet him. Casey is an extremely nice guy! it's too bad he doesn't live around here somewhere. We all went to Plaza Jalisco to eat dinner, They have the best Margarita's I have ever drank! WOW! Cassey lives out of town so he stayed late playing the Wii with us and stayed the night..

On Sunday a Surprise Baby shower had been planned for me by Jake's Sister and Mom. Of course Jake's Mom made me an adorable Cake and the party was strawberry shortcake theme.. I got to meet a lot of Jake's extended family, I had so much fun and Abbey & Ashley got lot's of goodies!!!

Monday we went over to Grandma and Granpa's house to help them build a new porch since Grandpa wasn't able too do it anymore...

Monday night we went to Jake's aunt Jody's house. I just love Jody, She's fun to be around. Jake played Wii with the kids and I scrapbooked with Jody in between her reading stories to Ashley. It was a fun night!

On Tuesday we went to visit Mt. St. Helen's. It was a nice time.

On Wednesday we laid around, relaxed and got everything packed up for the trip home... It was a hard day...

So that was our vacation... it was a nice time. I love that we got to visit with Family so much since we only get to see these people about every 2 years. It was hard to say goodbey to everyone....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Travel Day!

Getting up at 2:30am with two kids to drive 2 hours to the airport to catch our 7am flight was the easy part of our day.. LOL!! The flight was awesome, Both girls did really good, I was extremely uncomfortable on the plane, I can see that getting worse with age.. but for now it's just the weight doing it.

of course Washington is having like their highest temps ever here, It was so hot yesterday!! We only did a little visiting yesterday we were to tired for anything.. I'll post as much as I can :o)


Monday, July 09, 2007


Today, I'm stressed, my belly aches and all I want to do is sit down and knit to relieve it all . . soon .maybe. just a few more suitcases to pack *sigh* ...

We leave in the morning... 3am in the morning to be exact.. from now Until our plane lands in seattle I'll be in knots... I hate being in knots.. I hate not feeling in controll...

things to get done.. better get moving... I'll try to post something while we're in Washington.. if not post after we're back home... I'll miss my blogs... posting & reading others...