Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Washington State Vacation . . .

Whew! *sigh*

It's been a crazy month, I must admit I'm both Sad yet Happy to see it go. I'm going to miss Jake's family so much, as well as the beautiful trees and mountains. But I'm ready for our calm daily routines to begin again. I was worried about the girls bouncing back to their old schedules, They didn't seem to have a bit of trouble, It's me suffering.. My body doesn't know when to sleep or eat.. I'm all mixed up! LOL!!

So.. This post is about vacation only ..

We had a great time, Not a lot of site seeing, Mostly visiting with Family which was great, Jake's family is all so nice, They love kids and are just fun to be around in general. Everyone went on and on about how much Abbey looks like Jake, and I agree 100%, It surprises me when someone says she looks like me.. LOL!! Abbey had a major milestone while we were on vacation. One morning, Abbey & I were sleeping in and Jake had went downstairs.. I woke up to Abbey babbling, it was something like this... ad da ad da... I kind of thought she might have been trying to put the words together.. but wasn't sure, Just about then Jake walked in the room, I told him that I though abbey was calling for him... sure enough he leaved over the crib and said good morning to her and she said DADDA! It' couldn't have been more plane spoken... Jake is tickled pink of course :o)

The First day we got in at 9am. We were exhausted since we'd bee up since 12:00am. Jake's Mom picked us up, we drove to Olympia, to the Hospital where Jake's Mom works and where Jake's Uncle was having open heart surgery. Jake's Mom had to work that evening, So she stayed and Jake's Dad drove us on home, We stopped by Jake's Sister's house so she could see the girls, Then we headed on home to relax for the evening... It was so HOT.. and there were no AC's since it rarely get's hot enough for one in Washington. We about burn up! The next morning AC's were put in.. LOL!! Us okies are used to the heat... but the Washitonions are not. Hey, They get heat without the Humidity too which isn't fair.. LOL!!

The next day we visited with Grandma & Grandpa, Got some great pictures and headed over to Grandma Kay's house, Where Ashley got to play with Water guns, and Abbey about chewed Grandma's thumb off teething on it.. LOL!!! Grandma made some delicious Chicken for us for dinner and we had a great visit. Then went home to hang out..

On Thursday Jake's Mom and I went into town for some "Girl Time" I got new clothes at Fashion bug, Thank goodness since I only had 2 suits of clothes that still fit me.. Good grief! WW's here I come. We also picked up Jake's Sister Lavern and her Husband so they could spend the night and spend some time with us, Goodness those two are alot to handle.. For those who don't know... Lavern has Cerebral Palsey and Her husband is Deaf. Lavern is really sweet, She reminds me of a teenager a lot.

On Friday we took vern and Jamie home and Jake's uncle Lowell came over, He's such a great guy, He carried Abbey almost the entire time he was there and played hide and go seek with Ashley. I'd made a roast in the crock-pot so he stayed for dinner and we had a few beers together.

On Saturday we'd made plans ahead of time to get together with Jake's good friend Casey. He and Casey were good friends in High Schoool, This was my first time getting to meet him. Casey is an extremely nice guy! it's too bad he doesn't live around here somewhere. We all went to Plaza Jalisco to eat dinner, They have the best Margarita's I have ever drank! WOW! Cassey lives out of town so he stayed late playing the Wii with us and stayed the night..

On Sunday a Surprise Baby shower had been planned for me by Jake's Sister and Mom. Of course Jake's Mom made me an adorable Cake and the party was strawberry shortcake theme.. I got to meet a lot of Jake's extended family, I had so much fun and Abbey & Ashley got lot's of goodies!!!

Monday we went over to Grandma and Granpa's house to help them build a new porch since Grandpa wasn't able too do it anymore...

Monday night we went to Jake's aunt Jody's house. I just love Jody, She's fun to be around. Jake played Wii with the kids and I scrapbooked with Jody in between her reading stories to Ashley. It was a fun night!

On Tuesday we went to visit Mt. St. Helen's. It was a nice time.

On Wednesday we laid around, relaxed and got everything packed up for the trip home... It was a hard day...

So that was our vacation... it was a nice time. I love that we got to visit with Family so much since we only get to see these people about every 2 years. It was hard to say goodbey to everyone....


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie!! It was so NICE to read about your trip to see Jake's family! I LOVED all the photos and they do sound like wonderful people!! You are lucky and blessed to have great in-laws!! =) How sweet of them to give you that surprise baby shower!! The cake was gorgeous!!! Do you have a closeup of it?? I'd LOVE to see it!! How exciting!! Your girls are getting soooo big!! They're both beautiful!!! I hope you get back on track soon!! Kids are much more resilient than we are!! LOL! Hope all is well! i'm always thinking of you! PS: Do you and Jake have a Wii?? That's MY latest obsession!! LMAO!!


Dawn said...

Hiya hun, sounds like you had a great time and I'm so happy for all of ya!! :) The baby shower was so thoughtful of them, and I really enjoyed seeing all the pics!! Can you imagine Jake and Rob getting together and playing Wii for all hours of the day and night? LOL ;) I sure can ;)

Melanie said...

Okay Ms Mandy...Tag! Check out my blog for the rules. BTW...what a great trip!

Theknittingidiot said...

I must have missed something, but are you going to have a new little one?
You trip looks great!

Brie said...

That cake is beautiful!!
Your trip sounds so nice!
Are you back into a schedule now? It always takes me awhile to get back to normal.