Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Weekend & Thereafter

Looks like everyone had a nice Memorial weekend from what I read on the blogs. We did our BBQ on Saturday instead of Monday since Jake had to work that day. We just grilled some burgers and had Mom & Kristi over. Jake started not feeling very well the later part of the day so he wasn't able to eat. He's still not doing great but he's stubborn and refuses to miss work for himself.. That man. Ashley got over the bug finally thank goodness. I thought a lot about our soldiers in Iraq this memorial day.. this "war"' needs to be over...

On Tuesday I'd invited Maddie to come over for the day and play with Ashley, Her Daddy picked her up earlier than I expected but they had a great time playing together, when Maddie would actually play that is.. I pretty much had to keep the TV in the living room off or she wanted to be watching it instead. Hee! Kids are funny.

I've discovered a wonderful new thing to knit!! Dishcloths!! Now I don't want to hear the groans of you non-knitters and mumbles of "old lady stuff" LOL!! I had knitted a dishcloth over a year ago when I was first teaching myself to knit, After I knitted it up I didn't think I'd like it so I stuck it in with my stash of yarn. I pulled it out of my stash the other day, Washed it and used it for the very first time to wipe the table & counters off, It was wonderful! It holds water well and I just love the way it feels in my hand. So I joined the MonthlyDishcloths yahoo group. I've since discovered some beautiful patterns for pretty dishcloths, So that is a plus for sure! So far I've knitted 2 dishcloths besides the one I Already had.

Here is the Mid-Month KAL (knit along) for the group. It's called Stepping Stones!

and here is a pattern I found here

I also finished my grocery bag holder, Which I LOVE!! I threw my old one away, Mom wants one she said.. in pink?!?! LOL!! Whatever.. I'd like to make me a second one in some variegated yarn, cotton too!

Has anyone else tried this creamer?? It's just yummy!! I used it up quick too!

I think that's about it for my update this time. My recipe blog hasn't been updated because I haven't tried anything new lately. Payday is up though and I'm ready to try some new things for sure! LOL!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

2 Peas Blog Challenge {Generous}

2 Peas Challenge from the Message board today, If you'd like to follow suit on your blog please do! I'd be interested in everyone's response..

What does being GENEROUS mean to you?????

This is what the Dictionary Defines as Generous..

2 a : characterized by a noble or forbearing spirit

To me being Generous doesn't neccesarily mean materialistic things. To me Generous means the giving of ones time, love & self. To be unselfish. I do have to say I've learned a lot about Generosity from my husband, He is the most generous person I've ever met in my life, Forth giving of himself and anything that comes along with that..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh Yah! Trip To Washington!

I've been meaning to share, But it's totally slipped my mind, We booked our flights for our Vacation to Washingon State! We will be leaving out on July 10th and will return on the 19th. We're mainly going up so that Jake's family can "meet" & see Abbey. It's been 2 years since Ashley and I were there. Wow, Look at how much Ashley & I have grown.. LOL!! Anyway, I cannot wait to see all of those beautiful mountains and Tree's again, oh and of course Jake's family.. LOL!! I really do want to see them, It's just that when you live somewhere as flat as Oklahoma, Washington is a dream! LOL!! I'm not sure if we'll be able to do a while lot while we're there, Since Money will be so tight. I met up with some wonderful girls the last time I was up.. Not sure if I can do that again this time.. Not that I wouldn't love to, But transportation and money are an issue! However! Elaine, anyone else?? Jake's Mom actually works in Olympia?? So maybe I could work something out for Olympia when she goes to work?? hee! Anyway just wanted to share, I'm excited to be going again.. which reminds me that I Need to be working on our pictures from the last time we went for the scrapbook! LOL!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ho-Hum Week...

I'm listening to Rosie's Blog while I type this up, I always try to watch her blog everyday, But I've gotten behind because I was so busy last week I wasn't on the computer much. I know a lot of people don't care much for Rosie but I've always enjoyed her. I didn't watch The View until she came on the show and I doubt I'll watch it much after she leaves, I'm sad to see her leave TV. But she must do what she must do.

All of our shows are having their Season Finale's so I've been getting caught up to them. LOL!! Honestly the only shows I'll really miss of all the shows we watch are Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters and Ghost Whisperer. Really I'm glad they are ending so we will have more free time in the evenings! Besides I'm getting tired of playing catch up on TV. I admire that some people don't even have televisions in their house.. I'm hooked now.. I could give it up if I had to, But I wouldn't want to!

Ashley's really sick, She caught a nasty germ bug going around town. She has vomiting & diarriah (sp?) poor thing, It's an awful feeling when your babies are sick and there is nothing much you can do to make them well. If she's not better by tonight I think we'll be making a trip to the ER. She's out of school for the regular school year, Her preschool does a Summer School for all the kids moving onto kindergarden to get them ready for it. It starts in two weeks, She's very excited about it and afraid that being sick will make her miss school.

On Saturday I was invited to a crop at My Midwife's house in Ada, I invited Danette to come along, It was from 9am to 12pm. 3 hours is a short crop for Danette & I. LOL!! It turned out we were the only girls to show up this time, It was Danette & I, My Mid-wife Pat and her Daughter Melissa, We had a nice time. She sells Creative Memories and I ordered the bigger circle punch since I have the smaller one. I wanted the heart punch too, But I held back, I'll get it next time. I don't care for their books, papers etc. but I do love their tools! They are awesome!

Okay, I think that's about it for now, Sorry so boring.. LOL!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Big 32!

Happy Belated Birthday to me! Hee! Yesterday was my official 32ND Birthday. I don't feel older or depressed... In fact I feel Wise, Happy, Young & Vital. I'm in a good place. Funny how it takes 32 years to get there right? A few trials & errors, but it's all a learning experience right? Right. That's a good thing to me.

So yesterday was nothing Grand or Spectacular, No big events or huge gifts. In fact it was a nice and peaceful day, Why, because that was the way I wanted it. If you need visualization I'll give you one here...

It involved Lot's of the things that comfort me & give me pleasure, Knitting, TV, Dr. Pepper & of course my wonderful husband at my side. (BTW) those gorgeous flowers are from him of course!

Gifts were given early, clothes of my choice from Mom. Money from Jake to spend as I needed. Cards from my two sweetest friends & Husband. I felt loved & that was worth more than any material gift.. Jake says he owes me a Dinner, at my place of choice on Friday Night, While we are child free. Sounds like a good time for Margarita's.

So it was in fact a wonderful day for me. I'm the Luckiest Girl in town!

I saw someone do a scrapbook page.. They listed 35 things they'd learned about themselves at 35. I'm only 32 so here are my 32 things...

32 Things I've learned About Myself @ 32

1. I thrive on peacefulness. calmness. Drama exhaust me.
2. I have Very Little Patience, But pray nightly for more.
3. I always feel guilty, about something I said or Did.
4. I love my short hair, It's easy & fits my personality.
5. I enjoy human touch, Hugs, Kisses, holding hands.
6. I'm a complete control freak.
7. I'm a Neat Freak of Sorts.
8. I cry easily.
9. My Emotions are scattered daily.
10. I love little surprises.
11. I like short nails, Long nails get in the way.
12. I Love food.
13. I can't watch Scary movies.
14. I like all kinds of Music with the exception of country.
15. I don't need many friends, Just one special one.
16. I don't like dirt on my feet.
17. I hate shoes, love sandals or flip-flops.
18. I must always be doing something with my hands.
19. Spring Is My Favorite time of the year.
20. I worry too much about how other people feel.
21. I cannot remember, Dates or Phone #'s.
22. I like to take pictures of my family.
23. I enjoy Scrap booking .
24. I love to knit things.
25. I'm a giving person.
26. Seafood Is My favorite food.
27. Dr. Pepper & White Chocolate Mocha are my favorites.
28. Everything needs to be clean & cleaner.
29. I Hate jeans, Capri girl.
30. everything that happens in life, does so for a reason.
31. I don't like taking any kind of medication.
32. I have so much more to learn & understand.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mrs. Hodges Book..

Below is the book I made for Ashley's Prechool Teacher for Teacher Appreciatation Week. It was so wonderful to have such a sweet lady be Ashley's very first teacher, I made her book filled with group pictures of Ashley's class from our field trips all year long.. here are the results.. Oh & Making me this book has now given me a chip-board fetish! LOL!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope every Mother reading this is having or had a special Mothers Day. Every Mom deserves at least one day to call her own..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Halter

Remember a few blogs ago I posted a picture of the progress on the Halter I was knitting for Abbey. Well I did finish it! I LOVE the way it turned out so much I've already started another one! In Green!! The color that is growing on me this season, Seems to be popular.. that sage color is my fave! So anyway here it is, I haven't blogged in awhile, I haven't been on much because I've been working on Mothers Day gifts and Teacher gifts which I will post pictures of all of those later.. But just a quick blog for now...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2 Pease Challenge: Spring/Summer

What do you do around your house to usher in the spring/summer? Anything special?

Well nothing too exciting really, During the winter the curtains stay closed, the windows and blinds shut, So I always look forward to spring, My way of welcoming spring is to open the curtains, to be left open until fall and open the blinds every morning. The sunshine just makes me feel energized and happy for the day. I love it!

I do normal spring cleaning, but I'm a neat freak of sorts so I spring clean year around really!

Even those of you who are not on 2peas join me in the challenge on your blogs! I'd love to read my blogger friends answers!!

German Weekend!

It was a fun weekend!! Mom, Jake, Me & our friend Greg headed down on Saturday to Muenster Texas for their yearly Germanfest. We all had a ball!! Greg was our designated driver so that we could enjoy a few German type beers, Although weirdly enough they didn't have German Beer at the actual "Germanfest''' only at the Resturaunt there in town. It's called The Center and that is where we stopped first, I ordered a plate of pork Bratwurst made by Fischers Meat Co. right there in Muenster, it came with Red cabbage salad and of course sourkruat, Yum! So yummy... These are a couple of shots from inside the resturaunt.

Our next stop was at the Local Fischers Grocery store & yes I did buy me some of those yummy brats to bring home, Which we had the very next night for dinner :o) hee!

Then we were off to Germanfest, It was $6 per adult to get in, Children were free, But frankly, I would not take my children to an event where I knew people were going to be drinking. But I was shocked by the number of people who did.

They had a few tents set up with shopping booths underneath, Mostly hand crafted things, They had food stands everywhere of all different kinds, They had a huge tent set up for the German foods and then another huge tent set up for the polka dancers and entertainers, Most interesting to watch.. Then there was the beer truck! You went to one building to buy your beer tickets, they were $3 each, and yes folks one ticket per beer so they were $3 a beer! Then you took your $3 ticket and went to the beer truck to choose your beer, There were taps coming out of the side of the truck... check it out...

So that was our very fun trip to Germanfest, Childfree day which was nice for some adult time and some adult beverage, Here is a photo of the four of us together oh and I promise you all of those cups were NOT mine.. LOL!