Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh Yah! Trip To Washington!

I've been meaning to share, But it's totally slipped my mind, We booked our flights for our Vacation to Washingon State! We will be leaving out on July 10th and will return on the 19th. We're mainly going up so that Jake's family can "meet" & see Abbey. It's been 2 years since Ashley and I were there. Wow, Look at how much Ashley & I have grown.. LOL!! Anyway, I cannot wait to see all of those beautiful mountains and Tree's again, oh and of course Jake's family.. LOL!! I really do want to see them, It's just that when you live somewhere as flat as Oklahoma, Washington is a dream! LOL!! I'm not sure if we'll be able to do a while lot while we're there, Since Money will be so tight. I met up with some wonderful girls the last time I was up.. Not sure if I can do that again this time.. Not that I wouldn't love to, But transportation and money are an issue! However! Elaine, anyone else?? Jake's Mom actually works in Olympia?? So maybe I could work something out for Olympia when she goes to work?? hee! Anyway just wanted to share, I'm excited to be going again.. which reminds me that I Need to be working on our pictures from the last time we went for the scrapbook! LOL!!


Drew said...

Hi, Mandi!! Not sure what Elaine has going on, and I'm also not exactly where I'll be in the process of moving and all that, but if possible, maybe I could be visiting Elaine at the same time so the three of us could get together again. I miss you SO MUCH and would LOVE to see you again!! xoxo!!
p.s. Washington may not be the most exciting state, but you're right, it's beautiful!! :) I LOVE living here!!

Brie said...

Oh how exciting!
I hope you have a terrific time and, of course, take lots of pics to share=)

Anonymous said...

I am SOOO glad we had last year together Mandi, and i'm glad you're coming back for another visit! it would have been nice to see you this time too!!! how far are you from seattle? that's too bad, we could have put a get together together.. you could have met Lissa and Kris this time!

Serena said...

Great work.