Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Weekend & Thereafter

Looks like everyone had a nice Memorial weekend from what I read on the blogs. We did our BBQ on Saturday instead of Monday since Jake had to work that day. We just grilled some burgers and had Mom & Kristi over. Jake started not feeling very well the later part of the day so he wasn't able to eat. He's still not doing great but he's stubborn and refuses to miss work for himself.. That man. Ashley got over the bug finally thank goodness. I thought a lot about our soldiers in Iraq this memorial day.. this "war"' needs to be over...

On Tuesday I'd invited Maddie to come over for the day and play with Ashley, Her Daddy picked her up earlier than I expected but they had a great time playing together, when Maddie would actually play that is.. I pretty much had to keep the TV in the living room off or she wanted to be watching it instead. Hee! Kids are funny.

I've discovered a wonderful new thing to knit!! Dishcloths!! Now I don't want to hear the groans of you non-knitters and mumbles of "old lady stuff" LOL!! I had knitted a dishcloth over a year ago when I was first teaching myself to knit, After I knitted it up I didn't think I'd like it so I stuck it in with my stash of yarn. I pulled it out of my stash the other day, Washed it and used it for the very first time to wipe the table & counters off, It was wonderful! It holds water well and I just love the way it feels in my hand. So I joined the MonthlyDishcloths yahoo group. I've since discovered some beautiful patterns for pretty dishcloths, So that is a plus for sure! So far I've knitted 2 dishcloths besides the one I Already had.

Here is the Mid-Month KAL (knit along) for the group. It's called Stepping Stones!

and here is a pattern I found here

I also finished my grocery bag holder, Which I LOVE!! I threw my old one away, Mom wants one she said.. in pink?!?! LOL!! Whatever.. I'd like to make me a second one in some variegated yarn, cotton too!

Has anyone else tried this creamer?? It's just yummy!! I used it up quick too!

I think that's about it for my update this time. My recipe blog hasn't been updated because I haven't tried anything new lately. Payday is up though and I'm ready to try some new things for sure! LOL!!


Lindy said...

Your KAL is so pretty! That's one of my favorite colors.

hakucho said...

Your cloths turned out great. I love your bag holder. I have a huge one made out of cloth that I I know where to go for a pattern if I ever need to replace it or to make as a gift!

happy knitting :)

Brie said...

Beautiful clothes!!
I have tried that creamer...bought it because it just sounded too weird but it was like having a muffin with my coffee=)
Now I'm drinking prailines and cream.