Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2 Pease Challenge: Spring/Summer

What do you do around your house to usher in the spring/summer? Anything special?

Well nothing too exciting really, During the winter the curtains stay closed, the windows and blinds shut, So I always look forward to spring, My way of welcoming spring is to open the curtains, to be left open until fall and open the blinds every morning. The sunshine just makes me feel energized and happy for the day. I love it!

I do normal spring cleaning, but I'm a neat freak of sorts so I spring clean year around really!

Even those of you who are not on 2peas join me in the challenge on your blogs! I'd love to read my blogger friends answers!!


toners said...

I love being able to open the windows for the whole day! Today we had a few heavy rainshowers and I left the windows wide open, drank my tea and enjoyed the sounds :)

Monica M said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture! It was over 20 degrees Celsius here, and then rained a bit. I love the smell of the rain - all the windows were open!