Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Big 32!

Happy Belated Birthday to me! Hee! Yesterday was my official 32ND Birthday. I don't feel older or depressed... In fact I feel Wise, Happy, Young & Vital. I'm in a good place. Funny how it takes 32 years to get there right? A few trials & errors, but it's all a learning experience right? Right. That's a good thing to me.

So yesterday was nothing Grand or Spectacular, No big events or huge gifts. In fact it was a nice and peaceful day, Why, because that was the way I wanted it. If you need visualization I'll give you one here...

It involved Lot's of the things that comfort me & give me pleasure, Knitting, TV, Dr. Pepper & of course my wonderful husband at my side. (BTW) those gorgeous flowers are from him of course!

Gifts were given early, clothes of my choice from Mom. Money from Jake to spend as I needed. Cards from my two sweetest friends & Husband. I felt loved & that was worth more than any material gift.. Jake says he owes me a Dinner, at my place of choice on Friday Night, While we are child free. Sounds like a good time for Margarita's.

So it was in fact a wonderful day for me. I'm the Luckiest Girl in town!

I saw someone do a scrapbook page.. They listed 35 things they'd learned about themselves at 35. I'm only 32 so here are my 32 things...

32 Things I've learned About Myself @ 32

1. I thrive on peacefulness. calmness. Drama exhaust me.
2. I have Very Little Patience, But pray nightly for more.
3. I always feel guilty, about something I said or Did.
4. I love my short hair, It's easy & fits my personality.
5. I enjoy human touch, Hugs, Kisses, holding hands.
6. I'm a complete control freak.
7. I'm a Neat Freak of Sorts.
8. I cry easily.
9. My Emotions are scattered daily.
10. I love little surprises.
11. I like short nails, Long nails get in the way.
12. I Love food.
13. I can't watch Scary movies.
14. I like all kinds of Music with the exception of country.
15. I don't need many friends, Just one special one.
16. I don't like dirt on my feet.
17. I hate shoes, love sandals or flip-flops.
18. I must always be doing something with my hands.
19. Spring Is My Favorite time of the year.
20. I worry too much about how other people feel.
21. I cannot remember, Dates or Phone #'s.
22. I like to take pictures of my family.
23. I enjoy Scrap booking .
24. I love to knit things.
25. I'm a giving person.
26. Seafood Is My favorite food.
27. Dr. Pepper & White Chocolate Mocha are my favorites.
28. Everything needs to be clean & cleaner.
29. I Hate jeans, Capri girl.
30. everything that happens in life, does so for a reason.
31. I don't like taking any kind of medication.
32. I have so much more to learn & understand.


Kim said...

Happy belated birthday sweetie. I'm so sorry I missed it. Things have been kinda crazy around here since Chris left.

Brie said...

I love the 32 things you've learned about yourself!
Happy belated birthday too=) I was going to leave a wish on myspace...but I deleted it two days before LOL

Dawn said...

Very happy, very belated birthday hun!! ~HUGS~ I'm so glad you had a nice day, and got to do things you enjoy :) Great idea to list the 32 things you've learned about yourself, too, by the to read :)