Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marchtime :)

Hello! Well, It's Thursday and I'm glad the weekend is coming. Nothing special planned but I always look forward to the weekends that my hubby has off. He will have to change his schedule over in the middle of the weekend to nights, it's time to work nights for a month then we get to change back again in a month & so on. We've been working on catching me all up on episodes of Dr.Who since the new season starts next month. We only have a few more episodes. After we get all caught up we will start watching Torchwood from the beginning. Jake has of course already seen all of these, I'm somewhat of a late comer to Sci-fi :)

We've had quiet a bit going on in our lives lately. Jake hurt his shoulder at work. We're in the process of physical therapy & Dr.'s appointments to find out what the damage is. He's on light duty at work. With this we are worried about the possibility of surgery and his job position as well.

We got what we hope remains to be wonderful news on My Mom. She was diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago and has been receiving Chemo treatments every 3 weeks in between about a million Doctors appointments. They were in the process of getting her set up for radiation treatment and discovered that the chemo has shrunk her tumors so small that she doesn't need radiation. If your one of our wonderful family/friends who has been praying for her please continue to do so. She has one more Chemo treatment, then we'll do scans and and see what the Dr says to do from there.

3 weeks ago I lost a very special friend, Susan, It was so unexpected and still so hard to believe. Danette and I met Susan 3 years ago at the Scrapbook Warehouse in Lewsiville, TX while we were of course Scrapbooking. We had since become so close with Susan and met so many other wonderful friends thru her. Susan was such a special Lady, She had a big heart, a big smile and gave lots of love. We're going to miss her so much. but I truly believe she is one of Gods Angels now.

This past week, Jake lost his Grandfather who had been fighting Lung Cancer himself for I believe a little over a year. I've met Elmer two times and he was a special man, He loved his family and his family loved him very much. He will be greatly missed by his family & I feel especially sad for my girls who not get to see Grandpa as they grow and My husband who's lost someone that he looked up to & loved so much. So it's been a hard month for us.

In between the many things we've had going on. I have managed to make some time to do a few Happy things with the girls.

I'm so happy to say that Abbey is potty trained. We've been wearing big girl panties and haven't had any accidents (day or night) in two weeks. Today for the very first time She pooped all by herself! What a big girl, I'm so proud of her!

Ashley finally has mastered the knitting loom, She is almost complete with her first preemie cap. She loves it and I love that she loves it!

The girls and I also picked a nice warm day & painted some old Terra cotta planters and planted some flowers in them for the porch.

About a month ago we had a bit of a surprise! Jake and I had bought Ashley a Guinea pig for Christmas and it seems when we bought her she was expecting! She had four adorable babies and we enjoyed them so much when we had them, We were able to find a home for one of them and we kept a second one for ourself, Then we took the other 3 back to the pet store.

The girls both go new haircuts, very short haircuts that are easy to care for a comb out :) they turned out very very cute!

I have some knitting and yarn goodness to share. But I think I will do all of those in a separate posts.

Until next time . . .