Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ashley's 8th Birthday (Back In Sept.!)

Well, since I was doing such a bang up job of blogging the last few months (insert sarcasm) I'll now post and Shar pictures from Ashley's 8th Birthday Party, which was just a bit ago (IN SEPT!!!!!) argh! Anyway...

Ashley had a great party, She chose to have it at the lake & She wanted a Jonas Brothers themed party. So I ordered all the plates and the goodies and I printed out little pictures of the Jonas brothers and matted and glittered & toothpicked them and make some cupcakes for them :) She was very pleased with her party and had a lot of fun...

Her gift from us was an iPod Nano (5th Gen.) which she was so excited about she leaned over into a cupcake resting on her place.. hehe! Funny child! Here are the photo's from the days events. We all truly had a fun time and the weather was so nice!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swiffer Covers!

Last weekend was our Carter County Fall Arts & Crafts Fair. Crafters and Sellers rent booths and sell their beautiful handmade goodies. I always look forward to going each year and seeing all of everyone's crafts and getting a few ideas of my own. This year a very good knitting friend of mine had a booth and offered to let me put a few of my own things in it for sale. I decided on my Swiffer Covers since I enjoy them so much and they save me so much money! They were a hit! I put 12 in the booth and all but one sold! I was exctatic! I'm planning on knitting up some more household helpers for a booth next year :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What We're Cooking This Week!

This Weeks Menu!

Tuesday - Cheeseburger Cups (NEW!) with steamed california mix veggies & Mac N Cheese

Wednesday - Pioneer Woman's White Chicken Enchilada's (NEW!) w/homemade spanish rice

Thursday - Breakfast for dinner - Ham/Sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy, hashbrowns

Friday - Italian Meatloaf (Mom's Best!) (NEW!) - Mashed potatoes - Corn

Saturday - Chicken & Veggies With Dumplings (NEW!) (this weeks recipe challenge found at

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Since I've been such a great slacker about my blogging, I've missed posting pictures and stories from things we've gone and done recently. So I'm going to blog a bit about our October. A not so fond memory I have from October is all the rain we got. It was crazy the amount of rain we were getting here. In Oklahoma when you get lots of rain with high temps all you end up with is a bunch of uncomfortable humidity! It's nuts for it to be 60-65 degrees outside and you have to turn the A/C on! Ah well... rain with humidity is still better than 108 Deg. any day!

Onto October! We had a bunch going on in Oct. it's always a busy month! Camp Fire Fall Camp, Pumpkin Patch visits, Halloween.. Lot's to plan for. This year we took the girls to a different Pumpkin Patch, one we've never been to before. We had a good time. Ashley and I were so wore out that day though because we went on the Sunday that we got back from Camp Fire Fall Camp. The Pumpkin Patch was fun, they all sorts of regular pumpkin patch events for the kids to enjoy but their pumpkins were $7! Even for a small one, so we ended up making a pit stop at the big "W" to get $2 pumpkins to carve instead. I got some really sweet photo's of the girls at the Pumpkin Patch and we look forward to going again next year! Here are the photo's from our Pumpkin Patch visit...

We carve our pumpkins that same night but we have the worse luck with pumpkins! Last year we sat them out on the porch and it rained and they molded, so this year it was raining and I sat them on the table and they still molded :( We're all new to this so maybe there is something we're missing that we're supposed to do... or maybe it's just the Oklahoma Humidity. On any count I did get some pics before they were a total waste.. here are our short lived but Cute pumpkins...

Well, that covers at least two things I guess :) I still need to post about Camp Fire Fall Camp and Halloween :) It was a fun month & November is sailing by way to fast, I'm scared at the speed Christmas is coming towards us! argh.

Until next time ...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Long time no see . .

Wow, August was when I last posted. I've become a really good blog reading junkie and a really bad blogger!

Things have been good. Jake is currently working at Michelin Tire Plant. I think when I last posted he had just started to work there. It's going well we think, But then we never take anything for granted and always expect the unexpected. Especially with the layoffs and the economy being as they are.

Ashley is doing wonderfully in school, She's reading pretty well now, does awesome on her spelling tests but she struggles with her math. Abbey is not potty trained. I'm terrible... I need to get consistent with it but she rebels when I try. It's discouraging. But I'd like to try to get her into a 3 year old program next year :) She's so smart :)

I'm holding steady with the normal Housewife duties, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands etc. I have started something rather new for me this week. I joined a Gym! Seems weird even typing that, I've never been a member of a Gym even though I should have been a very long time ago. I've been meeting with a friend in the evenings and getting a good workout. I'm eating better. As hard as exercise can be... for me the real struggle is with the food. But I feel so good when I leave the Gym. I'm proud of myself, I'm doing this for me. To make me feel better.

My Mom quit smoking about 6 months ago. We're so proud of her for that but a few months ago she started having trouble breathing. After a few scans they discovered some spots on her lungs, We're not quiet sure what they are.. after a full body scan the spots have grown in numbers and size... so now we're waiting for an appointment call from the Dr. for a biopsy. If you pray... please do so for my Mom. I'm trying to NOT get myself too worked up until we know something definitely but still I feel like I need to prepare myself for the worse. I'm very close with my Mom and cannot imagine life without her.

I am still knitting of course, Let's see right now on the needles I have an OU Sooners colors scarf for my Mom, socks for Abbey, Swiffer pad, Bella Mittens. I want to do some knitting for Christmas gifts but I'm not sure what to make for people.. LOL!

Scrapbooking I haven't done in awhile, I have made a few cards here and there. But no pages for the books. I had a getaway planned this weekend with a couple of girlfriends for Scrapbooking but with everything going on with Mom I decided to cancel.

I did finished a sweater I'd made for Abbey that's what the photo is at the top you'll see.

Well, I guess that covers it for now. I miss blogging and I'll try to post more often :)