Thursday, November 05, 2009

Long time no see . .

Wow, August was when I last posted. I've become a really good blog reading junkie and a really bad blogger!

Things have been good. Jake is currently working at Michelin Tire Plant. I think when I last posted he had just started to work there. It's going well we think, But then we never take anything for granted and always expect the unexpected. Especially with the layoffs and the economy being as they are.

Ashley is doing wonderfully in school, She's reading pretty well now, does awesome on her spelling tests but she struggles with her math. Abbey is not potty trained. I'm terrible... I need to get consistent with it but she rebels when I try. It's discouraging. But I'd like to try to get her into a 3 year old program next year :) She's so smart :)

I'm holding steady with the normal Housewife duties, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands etc. I have started something rather new for me this week. I joined a Gym! Seems weird even typing that, I've never been a member of a Gym even though I should have been a very long time ago. I've been meeting with a friend in the evenings and getting a good workout. I'm eating better. As hard as exercise can be... for me the real struggle is with the food. But I feel so good when I leave the Gym. I'm proud of myself, I'm doing this for me. To make me feel better.

My Mom quit smoking about 6 months ago. We're so proud of her for that but a few months ago she started having trouble breathing. After a few scans they discovered some spots on her lungs, We're not quiet sure what they are.. after a full body scan the spots have grown in numbers and size... so now we're waiting for an appointment call from the Dr. for a biopsy. If you pray... please do so for my Mom. I'm trying to NOT get myself too worked up until we know something definitely but still I feel like I need to prepare myself for the worse. I'm very close with my Mom and cannot imagine life without her.

I am still knitting of course, Let's see right now on the needles I have an OU Sooners colors scarf for my Mom, socks for Abbey, Swiffer pad, Bella Mittens. I want to do some knitting for Christmas gifts but I'm not sure what to make for people.. LOL!

Scrapbooking I haven't done in awhile, I have made a few cards here and there. But no pages for the books. I had a getaway planned this weekend with a couple of girlfriends for Scrapbooking but with everything going on with Mom I decided to cancel.

I did finished a sweater I'd made for Abbey that's what the photo is at the top you'll see.

Well, I guess that covers it for now. I miss blogging and I'll try to post more often :)


Brie said...

Did you knit Abbey's sweater?? She's so precious:)

I'm praying for your mom. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

Love the sweater on Abby!

Glad to see you in blogland again! Congrats on joining a gym. I need to get back into my exercise routine. It's so hard once you've stopped.

I'll keep your mom in my thoughts.