Monday, August 24, 2009

Goings' On :)

I have a few random photo's and things to Share.

We've been going through a job change in the house. This time it's expected and hopefully for the better :) In case you haven't been following me for too long, Jake had worked for Circuit City Distribution for almost 14 years when they went bankrupt and he lost his Job. Almost right away he hired on at DOT foods, Which was a good company. The pay just wasn't good. He worked there for... I want to say 3 or 4 months and then attended a job fair at Michelin that my Cousin had told him about. He did some testing for them and got hired a month or so ago, But received a letter stating they didn't have any open positions at that time and would contact him when they did. So anyway he started orientation for Michelin last Monday. He's still in orientation and will be for another couple of weeks. They had told Jake he would be on Crew 2 but the Gentleman that's going to be his Supervisor said that wasn't correct and that he would be on Crew 3 after he came off of Orientation/Training. So we're just waiting until then to find out. Jake is very excited about something new and being able to bring home more money.

Ashley has started school. The first two mornings she did fine. She isn't a morning person at all.. so cranky. But come the third day the mornings started going down hill and got worse from there. So we sat and talked with her about it and she seemed to believe she isn't getting enough sleep. So we started putting her to bed at 8pm. Since we've done that she has been much better in the mornings. She doesn't like going to bed when everyone is still up but dealing with getting her to go to bed earlier is easier than dealing with her the morning after going to bed late. I hope this continues to work. She truly is unbearable in the mornings . .

We are still working on potty training with Abbey. The problem we've noticed is, if we stay consistent and get her to the potty on a regular basis she tends to hold her poop and winds up having trouble going :( I truly hate potty training. It's such a challenge for me... tips anyone?

I don't think I posted about it but awhile back my knit group decided to have a knit out and we took a field trip to three different yarn stores in Oklahoma City. We had such a fun time and look forward to doing it again.

Lord help me but I have finally taught myself to Crochet :)

On our field trip to the city I found the cutest coffee mug....

Okay that's everything for now, I do have some scrapbook layouts I want to share later :)


Jordine said...

Hi mandi. I'm so glad you have this, it's realy cool to hear how things are going with you guys. The Girls are growing so fast! Didn't Ashley have the same problem with "poop"? Joseph was hard to potty train. He was good at peeing but when it came to pooping he had to have a diaper on. He went 3 days one time cause I refused to put one on him and when I finely caved in, he filled it in a couple minutes!! I believe he was almost 3 1/2 when he finely did go poop in the potty. In fact I still have the last diaper that I told him I didn't have, lol. I wrote on it to explain what it was. It's so cute to see it now.
It won't be long before Abbey is out of diapers all together....*sigh* won't that be so nice? lol
Ok, Love you all, talk to you later. Jordine

Jackie said...

I'm glad to hear that things are working out in the job department for Jake. I'm exited for you both!

No tips on potty training. I thought my youngest would go to kindergarten doing it in his pants. One day, it just seems to click. How? I have not a clue!

Brie said...

I'm glad you found a way that's helping with Ashley in the mornin:) My mom used to tell me she didn't make the sun rise;)

I'm so excited that Jake got a better job!! :)

Sounds nuts but have you asked her when she'll want to poop on the potty? (like what age or whatever) Worth a try maybe?

Love you hun!! (email soon! hee)