Saturday, August 01, 2009

Knitted Goodies :)

Okie Dokie! In my last blog post I mentioned that I'd do a seperate blog post with knitting. I've finished up a few things that I had on my needles far too long.

This is a cover for mu Swiffer Wet Jet! Those store bought pads are way expensive!! I'll be making up a lot of these. Fun to knit and very handy as well as money saving!

This is a scarf I started a long time ago for Mom :)

Vicki Howell's Mae Day Dress for Abbey

A slouchy hat for Ashley called Gretel!

A pretty flower cloth
Ashley's first pair of socks...


teabird said...

Everything looks lovely - and that Gretel is fabulous!

Jackie said...

You've been busy! Love the May Day dress and Gretel hat...both so adorable!

Brie said...

Oh my gosh that swiffer pad is awesome!!!
Cute stuff!!!