Monday, April 29, 2013

Campy Times.


I'm back! Thank you to those who commented last week on Facebook or the blog, if you read please let me know so I know who actively reads what I post.

How's The Week Been

The past week has been fairly good.   The weather was beautiful a few days and I enjoyed the great back yard on those days.

What The Families Been Up To

My Aunt had a birthday on Friday. Mom wanted to buy her a Magnolia tree so we took Mom out to Wilkinson's Nursery to pick one out. I think Aunt Connie was very surprised and Happy with her gift, She'd always wanted one.

Abbey's been very good about reminding Mommy that she needs her newly pierced ears cleaned.

The Girls and I have been enjoying the nice weather we've had by hanging out in the backyard. It's so nice to sit out there and spin and because a lot of the yard is paved the girls are able to ride their scooters and bikes around.


Camp Fire

This week was a busy week Camp Fire wise. At my Meeting on Monday since it was earth day. We talked about recycling and the many things we could do to help save our planet. While we talked I Had a few sheets for them to work on. One was a little earth man they could color and cut it out. I couldn't resist Sharing what little Lucas did with his earth man. SO CUTE!!!

This weekend was also Spring Camp for Camp Fire. We have a group camp we rent at lake Murray for the weekend and the kids get to canoe and craft and experience nature. It's always a lot of fun. This time I decided to not attend so that I wouldn't be out of pocket for Mom. But Ashley and Abbey did attend and they had a great time as always.


It's been a good knitting week for me. I was finally able to finish the Aquaphobia socks that I'd had on the needles for so long and couldn't wait to get done. Didn't care much for the yarn or the pattern. But here they are. All nicely finished!

Here is another pair of socks I finished a couple of weeks ago. They are my design. But I just took some pictures of them this last week.

I still have a pair of Abbey socks on the needles and yesterday I cast on a new project that will be a secret project but I'll post some sneak pics as I get further along. I have plans of casting on the Cookie A's Monkey sock pattern soon as well. It's been years since I knit that pattern and I'd like to try it again.


I finished up some beautiful Coriedale this week... Navajo Plied...

No new recipes or other crafts this week to share.

Hope you all had a great week! Until next time....

Be Happy!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Get This Started (again..)!


  Once again I feel as if I'm starting over. You see, I'm a huge lover and follower of blogs. In fact, Normally I'm not much of a reader but I do love reading blogs. I've always wanted to be a Journal-er of sorts, but had never really tried until I started this blog years ago. The type of blogs I enjoy reading are any about home care & organization or crafting & Cooking. So in turn those are the things I'd like to share here. So this time I've decided to try putting blogging on my to-do list for once a week. Hoping I can share the things Me and my Family have done through the week. Plus share the things I enjoy doing Crafting, Knitting, Spinning, Scrap-booking  Maybe a peek over to my recipe blog for a new recipe I've tried during that week. It's a good idea to blog for me because we do have friends and family that live so far away & somethings what we share on Facebook just isn't enough. Plus putting my thoughts and sharing my crafts makes me feel good! :) So this post will be a bit longer than normal because it's the first in awhile.

How's the Week been

  The week has been good to me and my family. We've recently went through a lot of changes in our family. My Mom has been battling Lung Cancer for almost four years. She has been in remission 2 times, The chemo has always helped but this last round did not and her Cancer has spread to her bones as well as her brain. Mom has decided that instead of spending the rest of her life sick from doing chemo to be well until she is not at home. I have a Mentally Challenged sister that is only two years younger than me that my Mom has always cared for at home. So  my Aunt has been kind enough to allow us all to move into her larger empty home and live so that we can be here and care for Mom while she needs us. We have hospice coming in several times a week which I'm so thankful for. We are blessed to have Aunt Connie's kindness. So there for a bit things were a little crazy moving and organizing two households into one and getting used to 6 people sharing a house. But we are settled now and things seem very relaxed & routin.

Family been up to.

The Oklahoma weather is a little wilder than normal this spring. But I think most of the country is experiencing that as well.

We did make our first Snow Cone stand stop this week. We even added some goodies to them! The first one is Ashley's which is called Tiger's blood. Named after our school Mascot, she added some skittles, the middle on is mine, called a Mellow Yellow which had banana, coconut and pineapple flavors and I'm a sucker for gummy worms! The last one is Abbey's she got a rainbow one and added Maraschino cherries to it, she can never get enough of those.

Abbey decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. Abbey is 6 for those who don't know. I told her she could but we needed to wait a week. I wanted to give her time to think over her decision and see if she changed her mind. She did not. So we did it! The pic of her crying is so sad. But she only did for a minute and she hasn't complained since.

Camp Fire

My girls and I have been involved in Camp Fire for about 4 years now. I'm the leader of a Preschool-2nd grade group. I have 13 children in my group. Then I'm a co-leader for my 11 year old Daughters group with a great lady named Cathy.

For Camp Fire this week My younger group tried their hand at paper quilling. I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest. They enjoyed it I think, getting that construction paper to stay curled was a little hard though. So next time I'll used some Scrapbook Card-stock.


This past week was a lot of repeat recipes. If I try a new recipe in a week or use an old favorite from my recipe blog then I'll try to link them here.


I have a few projects OTN (on the needles) but this past week I've been focusing on The Aquaphobia socks I started a long time ago. I finished the first sock and was just not happy with it. I don't care for the pattern much. It's a good pattern, easy to memorize just not my thing. Also, I was a little disappointed with the yarn colorway. I ordered it online and it was supposed to be a christmasy colorway but I'm just not seeing that and these colors are just not my faves. So i'm pushing myself to finish the second sock so they can just be done.


This house has a beautiful back yard. My Aunt and Uncle had it cemented and there's a pergola over the seating area it's a wonderful place to spin and I've been doing just that. The girls were enjoying it as well. The two full bobbins you see are Coriedale, A gift from my Mom, they are resting before their bath. The other Candy colored fiber you see is 100% super wash merino and is what I'm working on spinning up in the picture.

Other Crafting

  There was no other kind of crafting this week unless count the hole I sewed up in one of my Sisters work T-Shirts. But here I'll share other Crafting I do during the week if any.

Around The House

This section will be for just what it says. This week we hung a door on the girls room. My aunt had used that room as an office and had left the door off so we added one since the girls need some privacy and peace while they sleep :) Picking out what door to buy was actually the hardest part. Hanging it went fairly well. I worked on cleaning the carpet in the girls room. I started out using a store bought bissell shampoo and it didn't seem to be working very well. So I looked around online for home made recipes and I found where most people were using vinegar and water 1 to 3. It really did work so much better than that expensive cleaner!

Well, That's it for this week! Until Next time..

Stay Happy ! :-)