Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Simply Hello *Smile*

It seems I have a new found enjoyment on Television! QVC! Lord help. Not really though My Mom has been a QVC fanatic for years, I've watched it with her a number of times, So I know what my favorite shows are. Denim & Company & Any of the Cooking/Kitchen Shows! I Love David, What a cutie! Anyway.. Moving along..

I also gave two new shows a try this past couuple of weeks, "The Riches" on FX & "October Road" Not sure what Channel it's on, Fox maybe. October road was just okay but I LOVE The Riches! What a great show! Check it out if you have time for sure!

I've been a busy girl with Scrapbook stuff for the last two weeks, I'm trying to get caught up on Ashley's pictures, So I can work on her School book and get started on a book for Abbey or course, So I treated myself last week to one of the new AMM totes, I knew I needed/wanted one of these as soon as Danette and I walked into the Scrapbook warehouse and saw them sitting everywhere on the crop tables! So I got one with my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon last week!! I also bought myself a Crop A Dile, for punching holes and setting eyelets quietly! I have a ton of eyelets that I'd never use because of the old loud Hammer! Here are my new toys...

Abbey is 8 weeks old now, I can hardly believe she is already 2 months! Time is flying by! It makes me a little sad that she is growing so big already! She now smiles & laughs at you and opens her mouth to try to form workds to talk to you. It's so cute! She's such a joy as most babies are..

Between Rosie Odonnell & The great Gal Susan that Danette and I met at Scrapbook warehouse I was heavily influenced to try my hand at some modge Podge, So here was a little carrier I decorated for Ashley to keep her Homework supplies in... I'll definately be doing this again, I enjoyed it very much!

Right after we had Abbey Jake's work sent us a plant, You should know, That I do not have a green thumb, I've managed to kill Ivy in the past. So what I'm wondering is what kind of plant this is, So I can google how to care for it properly.. so here are a couple of pics, The flowers are fake.. but those really tall stems are real stems.. so I'm guessing it blooms some kind of buds some time of year.. so if you can help me out with what type of plant this is... PLEASE DO!

I got my new issues of Food & Family mag yesterday, If you do not get this mag you should, It's free and has THE BEST recipes in it!! It's put out by kraft. This issue has some yummy stuff I can hardly wait to make in it!

Okay, Guess that's it for now, I posted a few new recipes on my recipe blog, I MAY post another later today because I made a yummy Enhilada Casserole last night!

Have a great Tuesday everyone! I can hardly wait for American Idol!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

7 Weeks Today :o)

Abbey is 7 weeks old today, She is getting so big and is such a good baby!! She is a joy to have around!! She is starting try to mimick our faces, and noises which is so cute and she is learning to try to grab for things !Brie asked in my last blog if my hormones are wacky, I was lucky because they were only wackey about the second week after she was born, Now I seem to be back to my old moody self.. LOL!!

Everything here is going great!! Ashley is out for Spring break this week, It's going to be rough keeping her occupied and happy for sure, I'm hoping the rain will stay away and we can have a few days at the park, Guess I'm getting a preview of what this summer will be like.. LOL!! On a good note, *knock on wood* Ashley is now pooping on the potty everyday! Woohoo!!! Hope she keeps it up. Here is a craft we did together a few weeks ago, we took empty formulas cans and she decorated one for her and one for Maddy. They turned out pretty cute!!

I haven't been knitting at all lately, I used to knit while I watched my TV shows, but now that has been replaced with a sweet baby to feed while watcing my shows.. hehe! I'll get back into it I'm sure.. I have been working on a puzzle occasionally, Jake has one he's been working on as well, Plus I've had a lot of Thank You cards to make, Those are done now and I'm looking forward to some Scrapbooking!

I finally talked Mom into getting her smoker out of storage and out of the box! We put it together Saturday and smoked some pork ribs!! OMG they were so yummy!!! I know how to smoke things now!! I'm so excited!! I'd been hounding Mom for some time to get that smoker out and teach me how to use it :o)

On Friday Mom, Abbey & I went to Ashley's fieldtrip to Sulpher to the Nature center. It was a lot of fun, The kids in Ashley's class always make me laugh, They are so funny at that age...

Okay guess I better get out of here, Hobby Lobby is calling my name!!! Woohoo!!!

Later, Mandi

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out of time & Un-Organized

I'm stressing out a little today, The house is very cluttered and messy looking, and I barely have the energy to get up and clean it. Don't know what's going on, lack of good sleep I suppose, I needed to head to Wal-Mart this morning for groceries but after I fed Abbey I went back to bed .... guess I'm feeling guilty about that too.. Just feel yucky today.

Had my 6 week check-up yesterday I went ahead and had her put me on the pill. I haven't been on the BC pill since before I was pregnant with Ashley, The ones I was taking back then were putting me in horrible moods. I was so mean :o( I hope these won't do me that way. If they do I'll stop taking them and use something else. My midwife was such a great lady! She is a Scrapbooker as well, and she had some baby die cuts waiting for me when we arrived yesterday for my appointment, She also is going to start inviting me to crops at her house!! I'm so excited and GLAD I get to keep in touch with her, She is such and awesome lady. I love her.

I have not been knitting, No time! I haven't felt the urge and can' t find anything I want to knit on right now.

On Saturday Danette and I went to Lewisville, TX to our favorite store Scrapbook Warehouse and did some Shopping and Scrapbooking, we had a ball!! We sat next to these two ladies that were so fun and funny to chat with! They invited us to become part of their Scrapbook retreats!! So I'm looking forward to doing that sometime!! I got 5 layouts done!! Now I have scrapbook fever again! :o)

I haven't been cooking a lot, we've been eating out and I've thrown simple stuff on the grill lately. I'm in a cooking slump as well I guess.

Jake and I each have a puzzle on the table that we're working on. Part of the clutter that's bugging me I guess.. LOL!!

Okay better get out of here, Dunno what to do, Nothing sounce good.. LOL!! I'm hungry though! LOL!!

Hugs, Mandi

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It's been awhile! I haven't really had anything exciting to post about though. hee! That's the main reason I haven't posted. I've been keeping myself busy running around a lot too for some reason, Just didn't feel like being at home for a few days I guess. Today I stayed home and got some cleaning and laundry done and gave Abbey a bath. Feels good to be here all day after running around so much. Not to mention that I have a TON of shows to catch up on! I'm so behind STILL from the beginning of Feb!!!

Abbey is doing great, She had a Dr's appointment on Monday, She was one month old, She now weighs 8lbs 4oz and is 20 inches long, That means she's gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches!! I was so surprised! I knew she had put on some weight but WOW!! She's growing like a week, She's amazing and a good baby, during the day she eats 3oz. every two hours and at night we put her to bed around 10pm and she wakes at 3am for a feeding and again around 6:30 usually. She doesn't like to be fussed with too much, She grunts to let us know that she doesn't like having her clothes changed or bothered with her blankets. She does however like for us to change her diaper very regularly and isn't afraid to let us know when we've waited to long.. LOL!! She's a doll, Things really haven't changed as much in our home as I thought they would. We just have another person to love :o)

Ashley seems to be handling everything very well. She's always loving on Abbey and kissing and hugging and trying to pick her ack! She gets a little rough at times, I guess she just doesn't know her own strength. She's a very proud big Sister and tells everyone about the Abbey, Shawn says she can hardly wait to get home from his house to see her. LOL! Ashleys doing great with her school and everything, She practices writing her name and Abbey's name.. She loves for me to write down everyone's names and she copies them beside mine, It's amazing to watch them learn!! I love it!

Jake and I are wonderful, He's a great Daddy as I already knew he was. He helps with the night feedings and diapers never scare him away. He's amazing. I'm so glad to be sharing this life with such a special person.

We have plans for tomorrow night at friends house. Jake is giving up drinking a beer or two so I can have some Margarita's or Mike - arita's as they are called (made by mike's hard lemonade) I'm looking forward to some relaxing!

That's it for now!! Here are some 4 weeks pics of Abbey...