Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out of time & Un-Organized

I'm stressing out a little today, The house is very cluttered and messy looking, and I barely have the energy to get up and clean it. Don't know what's going on, lack of good sleep I suppose, I needed to head to Wal-Mart this morning for groceries but after I fed Abbey I went back to bed .... guess I'm feeling guilty about that too.. Just feel yucky today.

Had my 6 week check-up yesterday I went ahead and had her put me on the pill. I haven't been on the BC pill since before I was pregnant with Ashley, The ones I was taking back then were putting me in horrible moods. I was so mean :o( I hope these won't do me that way. If they do I'll stop taking them and use something else. My midwife was such a great lady! She is a Scrapbooker as well, and she had some baby die cuts waiting for me when we arrived yesterday for my appointment, She also is going to start inviting me to crops at her house!! I'm so excited and GLAD I get to keep in touch with her, She is such and awesome lady. I love her.

I have not been knitting, No time! I haven't felt the urge and can' t find anything I want to knit on right now.

On Saturday Danette and I went to Lewisville, TX to our favorite store Scrapbook Warehouse and did some Shopping and Scrapbooking, we had a ball!! We sat next to these two ladies that were so fun and funny to chat with! They invited us to become part of their Scrapbook retreats!! So I'm looking forward to doing that sometime!! I got 5 layouts done!! Now I have scrapbook fever again! :o)

I haven't been cooking a lot, we've been eating out and I've thrown simple stuff on the grill lately. I'm in a cooking slump as well I guess.

Jake and I each have a puzzle on the table that we're working on. Part of the clutter that's bugging me I guess.. LOL!!

Okay better get out of here, Dunno what to do, Nothing sounce good.. LOL!! I'm hungry though! LOL!!

Hugs, Mandi

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Brie said...

I so remember that when Justin was about the same age...all the clutter and no energy to clean it up. As a matter of fact the cooking thing I just the last month have gotten back to really cooking meals! I was leaving that a lot to Chris.
Are your hormones completely wonky?
Love you hun=)