Thursday, March 01, 2007


It's been awhile! I haven't really had anything exciting to post about though. hee! That's the main reason I haven't posted. I've been keeping myself busy running around a lot too for some reason, Just didn't feel like being at home for a few days I guess. Today I stayed home and got some cleaning and laundry done and gave Abbey a bath. Feels good to be here all day after running around so much. Not to mention that I have a TON of shows to catch up on! I'm so behind STILL from the beginning of Feb!!!

Abbey is doing great, She had a Dr's appointment on Monday, She was one month old, She now weighs 8lbs 4oz and is 20 inches long, That means she's gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches!! I was so surprised! I knew she had put on some weight but WOW!! She's growing like a week, She's amazing and a good baby, during the day she eats 3oz. every two hours and at night we put her to bed around 10pm and she wakes at 3am for a feeding and again around 6:30 usually. She doesn't like to be fussed with too much, She grunts to let us know that she doesn't like having her clothes changed or bothered with her blankets. She does however like for us to change her diaper very regularly and isn't afraid to let us know when we've waited to long.. LOL!! She's a doll, Things really haven't changed as much in our home as I thought they would. We just have another person to love :o)

Ashley seems to be handling everything very well. She's always loving on Abbey and kissing and hugging and trying to pick her ack! She gets a little rough at times, I guess she just doesn't know her own strength. She's a very proud big Sister and tells everyone about the Abbey, Shawn says she can hardly wait to get home from his house to see her. LOL! Ashleys doing great with her school and everything, She practices writing her name and Abbey's name.. She loves for me to write down everyone's names and she copies them beside mine, It's amazing to watch them learn!! I love it!

Jake and I are wonderful, He's a great Daddy as I already knew he was. He helps with the night feedings and diapers never scare him away. He's amazing. I'm so glad to be sharing this life with such a special person.

We have plans for tomorrow night at friends house. Jake is giving up drinking a beer or two so I can have some Margarita's or Mike - arita's as they are called (made by mike's hard lemonade) I'm looking forward to some relaxing!

That's it for now!! Here are some 4 weeks pics of Abbey...

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Dawn said...

Adorable pics, and I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well :)