Monday, March 19, 2007

7 Weeks Today :o)

Abbey is 7 weeks old today, She is getting so big and is such a good baby!! She is a joy to have around!! She is starting try to mimick our faces, and noises which is so cute and she is learning to try to grab for things !Brie asked in my last blog if my hormones are wacky, I was lucky because they were only wackey about the second week after she was born, Now I seem to be back to my old moody self.. LOL!!

Everything here is going great!! Ashley is out for Spring break this week, It's going to be rough keeping her occupied and happy for sure, I'm hoping the rain will stay away and we can have a few days at the park, Guess I'm getting a preview of what this summer will be like.. LOL!! On a good note, *knock on wood* Ashley is now pooping on the potty everyday! Woohoo!!! Hope she keeps it up. Here is a craft we did together a few weeks ago, we took empty formulas cans and she decorated one for her and one for Maddy. They turned out pretty cute!!

I haven't been knitting at all lately, I used to knit while I watched my TV shows, but now that has been replaced with a sweet baby to feed while watcing my shows.. hehe! I'll get back into it I'm sure.. I have been working on a puzzle occasionally, Jake has one he's been working on as well, Plus I've had a lot of Thank You cards to make, Those are done now and I'm looking forward to some Scrapbooking!

I finally talked Mom into getting her smoker out of storage and out of the box! We put it together Saturday and smoked some pork ribs!! OMG they were so yummy!!! I know how to smoke things now!! I'm so excited!! I'd been hounding Mom for some time to get that smoker out and teach me how to use it :o)

On Friday Mom, Abbey & I went to Ashley's fieldtrip to Sulpher to the Nature center. It was a lot of fun, The kids in Ashley's class always make me laugh, They are so funny at that age...

Okay guess I better get out of here, Hobby Lobby is calling my name!!! Woohoo!!!

Later, Mandi

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Dawn said...

Very cute pics, as always ;) And it sounds like things are going really well, that's terrific hun!! ~HUGS~ Hope you're having a great week!