Sunday, July 29, 2007

{ 2 Peas } Blog Challenge :

I challenge my friends to do this as well!

Make a list of your top ten things on your mind right now. At the time you blog.

1. Ashley starting Kindergarten in a few weeks at a big school!

2. What will become of this house & Where it will take us.

3. Our possible trip to Eureka Springs, AK at the end of Aug.

4. Getting back on the WW's plan again.

5. The Scrapbooking Retreat in October, My very first one!

6. Jake's job and all of the changes at his work.

7. When I can make some time to scrapbook soon, It's been awhile.

8. When is Abbey going to crawl?

9. Paying off the cost of our Plane Tickets to WA

10. Getting other things paid off. and off our credit.


Colleen said...

Love the list and fun idea to challenge your friends to do it too!

Rachael said...

What a sweet pic!!!

My oldest starts kindergarten in a few weeks too!! How did they grow so fast? LOL

Brie said...

I tried this and realized I don't have that much on my mind LOL!