Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ready - Set - GO!!

Hi, Howday & Hello!!

Let's see, we've had a few things going on new around here :) Jake's birthday money was used for Guitar Hero for the Wii :) It's Wonderful for Jake, not my sort of thing, I get way to befazzled when I try to play it.

Abbey apparently took a liking to her new potty as she peed in it as soon as I took it out of the box, Now she tells me a few times a day she needs to pee and we sit and pee, it's located in the living room for now, She is still wetting her diaper and we're letting her go at her own pace :) She's such a smarty :)

I bought new Close To My Heart Stamps from Danette and I've been playing around with
them this week, I'm getting myself geared up for my GLORIOUS weekend of Scrapbooking this weekend. it's retreat time, I'ts been a long time! I'm SO looking forward to getting lots done :)

That's the good stuff for now ....

Until next time . . .

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Lil Knitter said...

My boys love them some Guitar Hero. I don't care much for trying to play it either...you're not alone with the befazzling. lol
Yay for going in the potty. She's gonna be a big girl before we know it.