Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random Day :)

It's been awhile, Bad Mandi! No excuse though, Just didn't feel up to blogging much! That and nothing very exciting going on really :)

My Aunt church served our family lunch the Day of Grandma's Funeral. That was very nice of them. Everything was good. The funeral was graveside. It was nice to see everyone. The service was nice. Down the road from where Grandma was buried there is a Tiny Chapel that has been there for years. We stopped there on the way home. I'd like to take Jake and the girls out one day since they've never see it :)
This week is a Theme week at Ashley's school, Yesterday was hat day, I decorated up a hat for her to wear, even Abbey got in on some of the Hat action :)
Abbey has finally started walking around by holding onto things, she pulls herself up now and then... but Jake and I HAVe been working with her a lot more :) She's cute and onery altogether.
We've been having alot of problems with Ashley, Backtalking, whinning when we ask her to do something and telling me No alot. We're going to try to think of some fun ways to aproach her and help her to learn better. I hate punishment & for her it doesn't seem to work. So maybe rewards would be better. I don't know yet... but we're starting out with a Rules List to show her.
I had my knitting meeting last night, we've moved them from the library to Starbucks. It's much more fun there, The atmosphere is right for knitting :) I'm working on socks, afghan, felted purse & a scarf :)
Well, I guess that's all for this time.
Until next time :)


Lil Knitter said...

The hat was totally cute. Don't worry too much...they have to test the boundaries and their independence. It's just a sign that she's growing up. Just stand your ground...she's a good girl and I'm sure you'll handle it just fine.
YAY for Abbey and the walking!
Your knitting meetings sound like so much fun..wish I could join you.

*good to have you back blogging

Oh I just saw my button!!!! Thanks g/f!!!!

Brie said...

Love the's adorable!
What a cute hat=)
Punishments never worked with Corrine either. Is she still having jealousy?