Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Finally Friday :)

I hope You had a great week :) I had a good week. I got some goodies in the mail from QVC. I'm still waiting on one more package... but here's what I've gotten so far :)

This week Ashley's school was having dress up theme days. Thursda was crazy hair day, this is what we came up with :)
I posted some new WIP on Ravelry this morning, I'm working on the Fulled Lopi Tote, and the Minnow Knits Sugar & Spice sweater now for Ashley, I may make a bigger one for Abbey after I finish this one since she has outgrown the one I made for her :) I'm also working on the Yarn Harlots basic sock recipe. I hope this works for me and my Chubby feet! LOL!!! Here are some photo's of my WIP :)

Our weather has bee slight insane here in Oklahoma the last couple of weeks. Summer-like one day and winter-like the next, This week it got even crazier when it was 70 degrees on Monday and we got Snow on Tuesday, a bit Warmer again on Wednesday, and big Beautiful snowflakes on Thursday... this time, the flakes stuck... and Ashley and Jake got to make a snowman!!!!! So exciting for us. Here are some pics of that.

Nothing special planned for the weekend, Jake and I are hoping for some alone time though. We haven't been without kids in quiet awhile. I'll have to sweet talk Mom for that :)

I have lots of knitting and catching up on my shows planned for today :)

Until next time :)


Jill L said...

Love all your WIP -- you have been busy! I want oneof teh ose salt and pepper thingys. I amgooing to goole it right now. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I love the CRAZY hair!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I remember the strange 'sudden changing' Oklahoma weather. I do believe that it was Will Rogers who said, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 5 minutes!"

Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting..

I just realized that the names of those who comment w/ a 'b' by their name.. means that they have a BLOG! Duh! :D

But, hey.. I'm lucky- if I get home and can find anything to write about, find a photo, etc. So, I don't do much 'exploring' on the Internet... not too much! :D

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Oh, and I meant to add that I know 'exactly' where that little church is located!

Just Shar said...

I LOVE LOVED reading this.. i have a nice Sunday to sift through your recipes and this blog of just stuff, and i'm rather enjoying it..
I love Ashley's crazy hair day!! good job!!!!!