Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!! :o)

I hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday & enjoyed some family time. I hadn't really planned anything ahead of time for the Holiday, It was Ashley's weekend with her Dad so I figured they would have something planned for her. Shawn let me know they didn't have anything planned when he asked if I did. So I put together a simple Easter dinner meal plan and got some eggs for coloring and hunting & invited Mom and Kristi over.

You know what, I hate plastic eggs. I love the tradition of coloring your eggs and then hunting them, I always had that growing up and I want it for my kids, Not to mention that eggs are so much better for the kids than candy stuffed ones. Abbey is still a bit too little to get in on the coloring so Ashley had one last year of coloring them all :) Here are a few shots of her coloring and decorating :)

After the decorating was done, Daddy Jake hid the eggs for us and then Ashley got to hunt :) She said we didn't hide them very well :-P Guess we'll have to make them tougher for her next year. LOL!!! Here are her goodies.

After the egg hunting was over we had dinner. I cooked a Ham, Asparagus, Red Beans and Homemade bread :) Here is a shot of the real goodies :)

I did put together a few things in bags for the girls "Easter baskets" I never can bring myself to buy the premade ones, So impersonal and expensive!!! Here were there goodies.

All in all it was a fun yet relaxing day and dinner was so good everybody was stuffed when it was over :)

Ashley had also had an Easter egg hunt with her school before they let out for spring break, here is a shot of her eggs from that hunt :)

Till next time!


Lil Knitter said...

That girl is a real egg coloring pro!
I agree with you about the plastic eggs...it's just not Easter without the real thing. And I hate those pre-made baskets. They are so expensive and full of cheap things.
Dinner looks YUMMY!! Sorry I missed out on that one. :P

Erin said...

I know what you mean about candy in the little plastic easter eggs. I've now convinced my parents that nickels (even pennies) will suffice but they put a few candies and some play jewelery in my girls eggs this year as well as toy cars and nickels for my son.


Brie said...

The premade baskets just amaze me...even at 50% off after Easter they aren't worth it.
I love those Fisher Price phones! *memories* hee
Your dinner looks SO good.