Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Ramble

For those who do, I have a prayer request. Shawn, My Ex-Husband and Ashley's Daddy had a pretty bad wreck on his four wheeler this past weekend, He broke a rib and fractured a few others, and messed his shoulder up pretty bad, He is okay, but while they were doing the cat-scan? for the bones I guess, They discovered that he only has one functioning kidney. So please pray for his health and My baby Girl's Daddy.

That out of the way, On Saturday I did something much safer physically than four wheeling, I Scrap booked from 10am to midnight with Danette, and two of the funniest ladies I've met! Susan and Susie! We had met them the last time we were down at Scrapbook Warehouse, we were seated next to them, so this time we emailed and invited them to meet us there again, We truly had a ball and laughed so much! it was a great day! I did manage to get a lot of scrap booking done in between the laughs, I did 8 pages altogether! We can't wait to go again!

I've been working on some new knitting projects. I'd went on Hiatus there for awhile because I couldn't find anything I wanted to make, But now I have several patterns printed out I'd like to do! Here are the two I'm currently working on...

Katja from Knitty.com

and a baby sweater from my knit it mag.

oh and I did finish the funky hat I was working on in the last blog. I decided against the stringy things at the top for now, I may add them later though.

I'm way behind on TV shows and I've been recording a TON of cooking shows, So today I hope to knit a lot and get caught up on some shows!! Hopefully I won't be glued to this screen for much longer.

Ashley did get enrolled into Kindergarten last week, They took them on Monday to show them the new school they would be going to next year. Ashley was very impressed by their playground and the fact that they don't each lunch in their classrooms like they do at her preschool now.. LOL!! It will be another big change next year, Her going to school for a full day!

This weekend is Germanfest in Muenster, TX. I have sitters lined up for the Girls, Ashley is going to her Dad's and Abbey is going to stay with Danette. We will have a Van full, It will be Me, Jake, Mom, Greg, David & Jeremy riding with us and we're hoping Angie and Scott will come along and maybe Mike and Misty, It will be a fun day, We have a designated driver and will be sampling lots of German Beers and eating Strudel and watching the polka Dancers! LOL!! Who knows maybe I'll have some pictures to share!

Brie requested pictures of the new-old table I got from Scott and Angie.. ask and you shall receive :o) ignore the lovely green flooring, no need to remind that I hate a few things about this old house...

Okay guess I should bail before this becomes and novel that no-one has time to read.. LOL!! Have a great week!!!

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Brie said...

The table is great! So shabby chic!

I'll definitely say a prayer for Shawn. I'm so sorry to hear he was hurt.

That hat is stinkin' adorable!!! I am soooo jealous you got to go scrap with friends!

Hope you have a blast at the Germanfest=)

I hear you on tv shows...I have a million sitting on the tivo.
Love ya=)