Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's been a non-busy week for me, But I've managed to stay busy keeping up on Laundry and getting a little more familiar with Two Peas Message board! You have to be careful on there, You could spend hours and not even know it! Ha! And no, I still haven't uploaded any layouts yet to my gallery, I still have a lot to figure out on there! You'll probably see me posting things here now and then from challenges posted over there, like I did yesterday!

I have started to knit once again! New episodes of Knitty Gritty started, that's always a great motivator, and Vicki Howell is such an inspiration! I just wish I Had the spunk to wear the vintage clothing that goes along with knitted projects so well.. Anyway, I'm working on a hat for Abbey, from one of the knitting mags, can't remember which one right now, Here's a pic of my progress..

My cousin Angie and Her family got a new dinning room set and I begged for the old one, Her husband had actually made the table and they had some mixed matched chairs, Jake isn't too wild about it I don't think, but I like the eclectic look of it, It's so much more modern than the table and chairs that we did have, which by the way was bought by my Grandmother when Mom was pregnant with me, So it was 30 years old. We stored it in the Garage and I love my new long square table!!

This Saturday is my Monthly Scrapbook day getaway with Danette, we're heading down to our favorite spot, Scrapbook Warehouse in Lewisville, TX. I can hardly wait, I ordered some new ink and paper for my 4x6 printer yesterday, Should be here tomorrow so I can print some pics out! I'm thinking of working on Ashley's school album since I haven't started it yet...

The next three days they are having pre-inrollment for Kindergarden next year, So I've got to get over there and get Ashley inrolled, I have everything almost together for that, It's looking like tomorrow will be the day for that...

okay that's enough boring stuff... have a great week everyone!


Danisha said...

You will get the hang of Two Peas soon enough. And yes you can spend hours on there, I know I have!

Brie said...

Do you have pics of the table? I'd love to see it! Our table is definitely not conventional but I love it=)
I have lurked at Two Peas but I'm afraid I'd spend even more time on the computer if I really got involved!!! Eek! LOL
Her hat is adorable!!!! You are so crafty!