Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend . . .

Happy Monday! (not)

Abbey didn't sleep very much at all last night, I'm still not sure why but after her diaper this morning I suspect her belly must have been bothering her. I'm exhausted I got almost no sleep & neither did She or Ashley.

We did however have a pretty fun weekend overall. Friday night was girls night with Mom and Kristi. Normally Ashley is when her Dad on these nights but She was with us this weekend. For girls night we always hit the mall & eat dinner. Ashley was in desperate need of some new clothes. She was growing out of the old ones. JcPenney was having a great sale so we got her some clothes to get her thru summer for very little. I tried to let her pick things out. She's 7 now and I know I need to let her choose and make some of her own decisions. After that we had Chinese for dinner. It was fun.

Saturday night we had my cousin Angie and her husband Scott and their little girl Maddie (who I used to sit for) over. It had been way too long since we'd gotten together with them. We let the girls play while we had a few drinks and caught up on life. We order pizza from a local Italian place. We had a nice time. Ashley ended up spending the night with Maddie.

Sunday was a lazy day I caught up on a few TV shows I was behind on (Hell's kitchen mostly) and then I watched a quirky little movie called "Smart People" I enjoyed it :)

Well That was our Weekend...

Not much going on today really.... Thank goodness because I'm tired... LOL!!!

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