Sunday, February 19, 2012

Socks 4 Abbey :)

Abbey is my darling 5 year old. She is also my favorite person to knit for because no-one get's as excited about a new knitted item than Abbey. She is also very demanding about receiving knitted items.

Her favorite knitted item seems to be socks. Every time she sees me knitting on a sock she asks if it's for her. If I reply no. She says it's not fair and stomps away.

The truth is I do love knitting socks for her. Well, I love knitting socks in general but the best thing about Abbey's socks is how quickly I can knit a pair up. I always use leftover sock yarn I had from other projects. On this particular pair I decided to try out an afterthought heel for the first time and so I did the toe and heel in a different color. I think they turned out very cute. The colors work well together.

After a new pair of socks is placed on her feet. She wants to wear them for days without taking them off.. 

Pattern Used: My Own (Cast on 40 stitches)
Needle Size: 2.5 MM
Yarn 1: Cherry Tree Hill (Colorway: Wild Cherry)
Yarn 2: Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn (Colorway: 5633)
Specs: Top Down, Afterthought Heel Using The Knit Girls Tutorial.


Melanie said...

Hi Mandi ~ thanks for leaving a comment on my blog; it's nice to meet you! I love your knitted socks...they are so pretty. I don't blame your daughter for stomping away if you're knitting a pair that aren't for her.

Jill L said...

Cute socks and cute kid! My boys don't want me to knit anything for them!