Monday, February 20, 2012

A Good Find . .

We have a Second hand store 2 blocks down from our house that is run by a very nice lady and her Daughter. We drop in from time to time to see what they have new. I only frequent this store because everything is so neat and tidy and it doesn't have that "used" smell like some resale shops do. On our last visit we found this beautiful curio cabinet! I've always wanted one. 

The lovely dishes you see belonged to my Grandmother. When I was a little girl she had them on display in her dinning room build in hutch.

 I would always gaze at them and she would tell me that someday they would be mine.

 I was always very happy to hear that. 

 Since they've become mine they have been hidden away on the stop shelf of my cupboard unseen.

 So when the curio came home with us I knew what would go in right away.

Now I have a reason to visit the antique shops downtown, I have a curio cabinet that needs more pretties. I look forward to filling it with color & eye candy...

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