Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Day . . .

It's cold here today. Well, cold for Oklahoma, They cancelled all the area schools for today. The roads are mostly water for now but they are expecting it to freeze today. We'll see. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable, Freezing today 80 degrees tomorrow. so Both girls are home today and here is what they are up to as of now . .

Jake has a Job interview at DOT foods today at 1pm. It looks promising. He will take an almost $5 an hour paycut. But in Ardmore there aren't a lot of other choices. If he get's hired there is also a very real chance that he will be working the night shift. Which will be quiet an adjustment for all of us. I can't emagine keeping the girls quiet enough in this small house for him to sleep. But we will work it out and be very Thankful for the job if he is offered a position.

We put Abbey's toddler bed up sunday, She has done really well adjusting, she only got out of the bed one time the first night, Jake told her No no and placed her back in bed and we never heard or saw anything else. Her 2nd Birthday is Thursday. We're having her party on Saturday :)

I got two Knitting related desk Calenders this year. Last year I had the Stitch N Bitch one which I loved, These are great too, I got them half off at Barns and Noble several weeks ago.

I finally finished my Monkey Socks, ignor my fankles.. LOL!!! I love this pattern but it took me forever to get these finished because I can't have too much distraction when working on them. I knit them out of Panda Cotton yarn. It feels so good on my feet :)

I finished one sock for Mom and am now half way thru her second one. Just using the Yarn Harlots basic sock recipe. I love doing it this way because I don't need a pattern to knit these
up. I can't wait for Mom to wear them and let me know if she likes them or not :)

I've started a hat for Ashley, The pattern is called Gretel, I'll have to wait to get some different circular needles to work on this, these plastic lion brand needles are killing my hands :(

I stayed up on yahoo messenger last night and played Domines with Mom so I started a simple dishcloth to work on while we were playing. I love this variegated color, It's peaches n cream Fiesta. I've worn out most of my dishcloths so I needed to get me some more knitted up :) Oh if you read my blog and have yahoo messenger please add me, I enjoy chatting but hardly have anyone on my list... MissMandiGirl :)

Abbey is very much into playing with the Barbies right now :)

Okay I guess that's about it for now. I'm wanting to get some Animal Crossing time in this morning before Jake get's home and takes it over.. ROFL!!!!


Jackie said...

I hope the job interview went well.

Love the socks! What yarn are you using for your mom's socks? I really like the way it's striping.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope it all works out for Jake!! the right job will be the one for him :). it WOULD be hard to keep the girls quiet while he sleeps!!!!
Love the socks!! you are so talented. i think those would be the BEST gift to get.. homemade :)

Patt said...

Hi Mandi,
I saw your comment on Joys site and checked out your blog. Just had to tell you that your MOnkey socks are wonderful!!! I'm just getting into socks now and those are the ones I really want to make when I get the hang of it.
Your girls are adorable!!

Jill L said...

Ihope he got the job....great knits. I STILL have to knit some Monkeys.........

Brie said...

Does Abbey do good not falling out of bed? Justin will be going into his own bed(and out of mine lol) as soon as our room is ready but his bed has bedrails...he's gotten better but he'll still fall off the bed sometimes.

Cute socks!!

Aw Barbies are so fun! hee:)

I gotta borrow Hunter's animal crossing and see what it's all about someday LOL