Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things on The Home Front!

Wow, I cannot believe that I have not posted anything here since October 1st. I feel bad that I waited this long. Now I'll have a huge post LOL!! Believe it or not I actually enjoy posting to my blog, So you know if I haven't posted in awhile it's because we've had a lot going on!! I'll start at the beginning of the month and word my way to now :o)
Ashley is much better now, The Anti-biotic got rid of her strep that she had at the beginning of the month but she missed 3 days of school. I hate that, but it couldn't be helped. the 12th was picture day. I curled her hair, Here is a picture I took after curling..

Abbey is doing good, But she's cutting teeth like crazy!! She was sleeping thru the night but now she wakes in the night crying, as soon as we give her Orajel she goes right back to sleep. Poor baby, She has 8 teeth right now and has cut 5 of those since the beginning of the month. But she's a pretty good sport about it, Just thank goodness for Orajel. Here's another pretty smile for you.

On the 12th-14th I got to go on my very first Scrapbook retreat!!! Oh man, It was awesome and I had such a great time!! My friend Susie & her Husband Randall just opened a crafters retreat in Maypearl, TX called Stolen Moments Inn. Susie hosted our very first retreat. She and husband Randall made sure we all had what we needed and were comfortable, They have fixed this place up so nice I felt like I was staying in luxury all weekend, It was fantastic!! I of course have some pictures to share from that weekend...

You knitters might not understand this, But some may when they think in terms of yarn shopping, But anywho this is what the back end of my Van looked like with the back seat out and Me & Danette's scrapbook stuff in the back, Mind you, only two of the smaller bags were our clothes, & it's deeper than it is tall... The rest are Scrapbook totes.. yeah we're product hogs.

Danette, Susan & I stayed in the Yellow room, Each room was fixed up so adorable!! But this one is my favorite!!

The Dinning Area..

The adorable Kitchen..

and here is the crop room, full of people. I met new people that weekend, Everyone was so nice and we all laughed alot and watched a lot of chick flicks! It was great!!! There were 12 of us I believe..

We went to a Scrapbook store in Waxahachie, TX called Crafty Scrapper. It was a cute place and they had a lot of great products! New inventory too, Not just out of date stuff laying around.

Here are a few more random photo's...

Danette scrapbooking hard... (She'll kill me for posting this here)

Susan wearing her pretty pink Shower cap we picked up for her on our field trip to Waxahachie..(She'll also kill me for posting this photo) LOL!! Haha!! So cute!

The make n' take Susie put together for us which was adorable!!!

and last, Me, Showing off a page. I actually got 26 pages done that weekend, AWESOME!! I finished our vacation album from 2004, Ashley Kindergarten Album from last year and started Abbey's Scrapbook!! Woohoo!!!

Okay onto other news.. (oh btw, I have signed up for another retreat in December, Same place and most of the same people) :o)

Mom had a scare early this month, Her Mammogram came back with a "mass"? I think that's what they called it, So the sent her to Oklahoma City on Friday to the Breast Care Center to have it double checked, We were pretty nervous and I prayed a lot about it. It turned out to be water cysts which we were so relieved for. Thank the Lord.

On Saturday Jake opened our water bill and it was almost double what it was last month. No way had we used THAT much extra water, So we knew immediately that we had a leak or something somewhere, Sunday morning Jake looked under the house to find a Lake!! Ugh. Literally it was knee deep under there and it stunk!! He looked under there the best he could discovered that our kitchen sink drain pipe had become un attached but that wouldn't make our water bill go up.. just make water drain under that house.. So we called our good friend Mike, Bless his heart, He's one of those guys that just knows how to do anything. He came over and crawled under the house and discovered that our Main pipe had busted. Great. Thankfully Mike knew just what to do, So Jake and Micheal spent all of Sunday and most of Money replacing the section of busted pipe. Here is the cold hard fact for you, The parts costs us all of $10. Michael told us that if we would have called a plumber they would have charged us around $400 to fix that. Wow. So it's valuable to know how to fix things on your own house, I'm glad we have Mike to teach Jake a lot of what he knows.

Well, that's about it for now I guess. I need to get over and post a knew recipe to my recipe blog. Haven't posted there in awhile because I've been cooking quick and easy things.

It won't be a month when I post next :o)


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Melanie said...

Welcome back girlfriend. I thought you might be lost in Ravelryland. lol Ashley's hair looks so pretty and I'm glad she's feeling better.
Wow, Abbey has been a busy girl with all those teeth. At least you're getting them out of the way fast.
I totally understand the scrapbook sister does some scrapbooking and she has tons of product too. You got a lot accomplished on your retreat...wtg.
I'm happy to hear that your Mom's okay. I had a similar scare about 2 years ago. It's horrible waiting to find out.
Now, don't be gone so long next time! lol