Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Halloween Posting Laaaate!

I realized while looking thru my resized photo's folder this morning that I never posted anything from Halloween, So this is what that post is about :) The girls both picked what they wanted to be this year. This is the first spooky Halloween costume that Ashley has ever worn :) I think it turned out very cute, the different parts of the costume were bought at different places and I made the broom myself. Abbey's costume was a hand made dress we bought at a garage sale last year and Tiarra from Hobby Lobby :)

We took the girls downtown to Trick or Treat the businesses then we went to a Halloween party at my cousin Angie's house. Everyone had a good time. Abbey was a bit whiney because she is so shy of everyone and the costumes made it that much worse.. haha! I didn't dress up this year, I waited until too late and couldn't come up with anything.

Abbey was a princess :)

Ashley was a witch!

Mom and Kristi Joined us, They even dressed up Sister is a pirate and Mom as the Devil :) Funny thing was when we arrived at the Halloween Party we discovered that my Uncle was the exact same devil as Mom... we laughed about that one..too funny!! Great costume!

Here is Ashley with her cousin Maddie, She was the ghost because her Mom, Dad and brother were ghost busters... I wish I would have gotten pictures because all the cotumes were great!

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Jackie said...

The girls look completely different! I love the graveyard!