Friday, February 05, 2010

Our Christmas :)

I feel like we had a really good Christmas this year. Jake still hasn't decided for sure what he wants.. we waited until tax refund time so that he could get himself something nice :) He mentioned something about clothes the other day but I really don't think that should be a Christmas gift.. he should get something he wants right? Not something he needs :) The biggest gift for our family was a new Pet, She was supposed to be for Ashley, but we have all taken up with her quiet a bit. Definitely not a gift purchase we regret. Her name is Lucy, Lucy the Guinea Pig :)

We did our traditional Christmas Eve Mexican dinner with My Mom and Sister and Ashley was with us this year for Christmas so we did Christmas morning at home :)

Here are some pictures from our Christmas. I was very very spoiled for spoiled in fact that it well get it's very own post *grin*

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Jackie said...

The girls are as cute as ever!