Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ashley's 9th Birthday !

This year instead of a traditional invite everyone kind of birthday party, Ashley chose a slumber party. She was allowed to chose 4 friends for the night :) L to R Claire, Ashley, Maddie & Madelynn. (Aren't they adorable?)

We had Cupcakes, Ice Cream & Punch, With Family and a few Friends.

Of course we had some Gifts!

It's all about Justin Beiber these days ya know?

We had pillow fights, movies and lots of giggling and laughter.. oh And Jake took them for a cruise in his "Go Cart" :)

I think she had a great time! She wants another Slumber party next year :)


Brie said...

Looks like fun:o) Jake has the look I get at the idea of a bunch of girls spending the night LOL
The cupcakes are super cute:)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Jake is a brave soul - I love the look on his face!