Friday, January 22, 2010

Menu Plan!

Here is this weeks menu plan. I have two 5 lb bags of cornmeal that my grandmother gave me so I tried to plan the meals around using some of that up!

Chicken Stew served with Yeast Cornbread
Cornmeal Pancakes
English Muffins
Layered Tamale Pie served with Mom's Spanish Rice
Panko, Parmesan, & Parsley Pork Chops served with baked potatoes & green beans
Ranch Chicken Thighs served with steamed carrots & mac N cheese
Zesty Italian Sausage Pasta served with bread of some kind I think

Okay that's it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Handmade Christmas Goodness :)

I love Handmade gifts. You cannot make me happier than to gift me something that you created with your own two hands. I'm very lucky to have very crafty friends with very giving hearts. This year, I was truly blessed with so many wonderful Handmade gifts from friends. Now I'd like to share those with you :)

First up is a Shadow box from Peggy & Her Husband Sandy. Peggy is a friend I made through knitting. She's from Montana and has so many crafty talents. She Knits, Crochets, Loom's, Spins, Gardens and makes wonderful soaps & lotions and cheese :) In the shadow box I have a layout I'd done on canvas awhile back..I plan to use it to display cards and special things I receive.

Next is my gift from our Knitorious Knit group Christmas exchange. Katie (Peggy's Daughter) drew my name and I drew hers. Funny story about this beautiful yarn. Katie Spun these beautiful fibers and had them for sale ... She was so kind to give them to me after I told her how much I loved it. at that time there was only one hank of it and I was having a challenge to find something to knit for me with that one hank, So as my gift Katie bought more of the fibers and spun more of that yarn just for me, It's so beautiful! I'm still looking for what I want to knit with it but now I have more to work with! I just know someday the perfect project for this will come along.. just for me :) Katie is a fantastic Crocheter and she's always coming up with the most unusual projects! She's crocheted market bags from leftover wal-mart sacks and used her leftover scraps of yarn to felt a gorgeous back-pack. I always look forward to her next adventure!

This is another wonderful gift from Peggy, She handmade these gorgeous knitting needles for all the knitting girls in our group, I just love them! Since she gifted these to us she has also taught herself how to make circular needles! I told you she was crafty!

and last but most certainly not least is a gift made by my friend Stephanie, Stephanie and I went to High School together. We only knew each other a little then as we were only in band together and in different grades. I met up with Stephanie again through Camp Fire and we've become great friends because of our mutual love of Sci-Fi & crafts and we're now Workout buddies. Stephanie is an awesome person, positive and Happy :) Great fun to be around! She somehow came into some cigar boxes, She added her special touch this one, made especially for me. She knows my two favorite things are Animal Prints & Pink :) Thank you Stephanie, I love it and now have my knitting needles in it just as I said I would :)

Thank you ladies, I love you all, you have a special place in my heart always.

Monday, January 04, 2010

December/ Christmas Parade

December was such a busy month for me, It flew by after all was said and done but while it was going on I thought it might never end. I still had my Christmas spirit and was excited about gift giving and watching the girls on Christmas morning. More about that later.

The busiest part was getting ready for the Christmas Parade. We have a float each year in the parade for our Camp Fire kids. The parade has a different theme each year and floats are judged in different categories according to that theme. The theme for this year was "The Magic of Christmas" We decided to the kids that meant, Santa's gifts. Our float turned out so cute this year! LynEd and Stephanie made the doll bodies for our Elves and I created the clothes and faces. Each group dressed as a specific kind of toy & We were very proud how everything turned out and as it turns out our adorable float won first place in our category!

Here are some shots of our winning float!

As I mentioned before, Each Camp Fire group picked a toy idea and dressed accordingly, our group was Jack n the boxes, it turned out to be a bit trickier than we had originally thought to keep the boxes up on the girls, but all worked out and the boxes barely made it to the end of he parade.. hehe! Here is a shot of Me, Cathy and our group.

Our Toy Soldiers..

Our youngest group was Rag dolls...

Our Puppet Group...

Alpha blocks...

Teddy bears...
Here are some close up shots of the elves, I'm so proud of the way they turned out! I even knitted scarves for all of them!!!

That's all until next time!!