Monday, January 15, 2007

Brrrr .... Winter Weather

I cannot get blogger to let me add photo's so I'm going to post this for now and try pictures later....

We're finally having some winter temps here in Oklahoma!! It's 21 degrees outside right now and ice is thick everywhere! The roads weren't slick until last night when our temps dropped. But it looks like the sun might do a nice job of melting the roadways.

I'm not planning on getting out in it, but, I am one week from my due date and Ashley seems very ill, if she isn't looking better this afternoon I'll have to take her to the ER. She is running a fever, coughing with congestion and laying innn her room watcing movies. I go into labor it's a one hour drive to my hospital. So I hope it doesn't happen... after I post this I'm curling up on the couch with some knitting and all the tv shows that recorded last week! Woohoo!!

On Friday some of the ladies that Jake works with put us a baby shower together. We had it at his work, in the break room on their lunch hour. It was mexican potluck and let me tell you, there was some yummy food served! Because Jake works at a circuit city distribution we weren't able to take our camera in, but someone was taking pictures for us so hopefully they will get those to me so I'll have them to scrapbook. We got a lot of nice and helpfull things for the baby, here is a picture of all the goodies we recieved! Lots of nice things, now I need to get busy with Thank you cards for sure!

Here is another belly shot for the record as well. I'm feeling well, just waking a lot during the night, can't get comfy. but otherwise I'm doing well.

We got Jake's Mom a plane ticket to come in after the baby is born, her flight is set to arrive on Febuary 3rd and she'll be here until the 13th. I'm looking forward to seeing her again, It's been a little over a year since we've seen her, but I hope things aren't too chaotic with the new little one in the house, I'm sure she'll be a great help though :o)

I hope this ice on the roads is gone tomorrow, and Ashley is feeling good enough for school, I was needing to buy a few final things for the baby and pick up some groceries, Thank goodness we had enough leftovers from last nights dinner to cook for dinner tonight & I don't have to worry about that today. Monday is my normal grocery shopping day when Ashley is in school, Mom and I go.But with today being a Holiday Ashley is out of school.

I guess that's all to report right now, I'm working on a afghan for Ashley, no pattern, I'm just cabling it, I'll have to get a picture later, I'm still working on her scarf and last night I started a hat for the baby. I have a few patterns for socks, mittens and hats I'm going to work on this week and I'm still working on the slow growing afghan for the living room :o) Sorry no pics this time of the knitting.

Okay I better scram, I need to eat!


JustShar said...

OHHHHHH i was so thinking this would be the blog announcing baby!! hee.. SOON hey? wow..
I think that's sweet that you're flying Jakes mom up.. so nice! she will enjoy meeting baby, as i'm sure YOU all are too.. I wonder how much she'll look like Ashley!!!??? are you excited to see?

Dawn said...

Hiya hun, we got snow today and yesterday, but before that we'd had temps in the 60's and 70's! Nutso, huh? ;)
I'm so looking forward to baby news from you...hehe....loved seeing the pics from the shower :)

Brie said...

I keep waiting for an update for you hun! I hope Ashley is better!

Gipsy said...

Hey Mandi! Nice pics, nice goodies! Any news on the Baby??