Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long time No Blog

Wow, It's been awhile, I guess with the new year and now starting the weekly prenatal visits I've been keeping pretty busy, Jake and I also did the declutter on the house, I usually do it about every 3 months (habits of a neat freak) but I hadn't been able to do it myself since I got pregnant so I recruited Jake to help me this time. I wanted the house neat and clutter free for the new baby and for the visitors we'll have as well as Jake's Mom who will be coming in on the 3rd and staying until the 13th with us :o)

Our New Year was nice, We just had Michael and Misty over, we stayed up until about 3 am, playing Trivial pursuit 80's Edition and then a few games of Uno. It was a fun night. I didn't make any new years resolutions, I figured since I'm due with a new child this month I'd better just plan to be a New Mommie and that was it.. LOL!! I don't like to sound like such a pessimist but resolutions are hardly every kept anyway and if you really want to make a change in your life why wait for the new year to start?

The midwives say I am dialated a finger tip and that the baby is in position, So She's ready. We're just waiting on my body to be readyy I guess. They did tell me they would only let me go a week over which is good, but they also told me I have the option to induce if I'd like in my 39th week. Since we drive nearly an hour to the Hospital I'm seriously thinking of the induction, They induced me with Ashley because I was 2 weeks late! We have a weekly appointment Friday, So we'll see what they say.

I started a scrapbook for Maddy, I'm hoping to give it to her for her birthday but we'll see. for those who don't know, Maddy is my cousins little girl, who I kept from the time she was 6weeks old up until this past summer when she started pre-school. I have tons of pictures of her so I want to scrapbook them for her.

Other than that I've been working on a bit of knitting, I've only started one project and am working on finishing up the ones I had going.. here are some pictures of that...

My afghan I'm knitting for the living room.. I'll knit 4 of these long strips and then seam them together, I am using a patter. for this one, It's a pretty stitch (check out the close up pic)

Here is the new project I started it's a pocket scarf, you knit a scarf but in the ends of the scarf are pockets for you to tuck your hands into to keep them warm, I let Ashley pick out the yarn she liked for this :o)

I did finally finished the baby's hoodie sweater, now I just need to pick up some buttons to sew on there, I love the way it turned out :o)

Okay, I guess that's about it for Me, On Friday Jak's work is giving us a baby shower, we'll be going to that around 11am before we head up for our Dr's appointment, Nothing planned for the weekend, except a little bottle shopping and baby shopping. Have a great week everyone!!

Happy New year!



Just Shar said...

That sweater is so beautiful, wow mandi!!!!
and it's sooooooo soon!! I'm so excited to hear the news.. i'm bookmarking your blog page here, so i can check up :) Good luck sweetie!! and happy new year!

Brie said...

*jaws drops* Wow! Just WOW!